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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
  • Nov 12, 1985
  • Norway
  • Deviant for 8 years
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My Bio

I live in Norway and enjoy Coloring linearts from other artists.

I love Japan, the country, its people and i also have an obsession with the Super Sentai/Power Ranger and Kamen Rider Tv series. In the future i hope to have enough space to turn my home into a Japanese world,complete with a Hinamatsuri! (Its a Seven-Tiered Hina Doll Set.)

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Yeah,just as the title says. I tought it weird that i did not get any journal updates but then i randomly found it under "Posts"...Seriously,they couldnt have put them together with the other messages or giving it a different name!? And all the info i wrote in my gallery folders are also now suddenly gone! I took screenshots of everything as i had a bad feeling but when the info remained after the switch i tought everything was good but now its suddenly gone. F*** Y** Eclipse!!! The only thing that actually got prettier was the removal of the grey color but i would rather trade it back and have the old style gallery WITH my info written up. I read other peoples journals/toughts that activity has dropped with both watchers & faves and i totally understand. I will still remain active here because at the moment there is no other place that is like the old DeviantArt but if one pops up i will definitly consider moving! (I will give a heads up if that ends up happening,no worries.) What
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That feeling when you have to get a Core membership to add new sub-folders to your gallery but you cant add information in them as you could before Eclipse and the order of the sub-folders is all wrong,no matter how many times you try to drag them a
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And of course real-life kicks in and turns everything on its head. Well,so long as my pc is still active (despite all the blue screens and error messagess i keep getting) i will stay active,even if its lifespan is limited. Good news,i finally got a fix for my scanner who 50% of the time refused to scan anything no matter what i did,i got a usb cable and got it working again. Im wondering if its my pc that refuses to co-operate so im hopeful im in the future will get to enjoy the perks of a wireless scanner again,aiming for a new PC sometime next year. If youre a watcher you might have noticed my increased activity for a while,there is 2 reasons for that: Due to my scanner not working i ended up with a bunch of colored linearts i was not getting scanned and just ended up collecting dust,while i colored some more. At the time of writing this i have around 8 of them that still need to be cleaned up on my pc (lighting issues,removing dust stains and some cropping) before i can submit
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thanks for the llama! nice gallery!

Woahhhh, you hab some really cewl art! Arigato for the llama badge btw! Here's a llama badge in return ^w^

Thank you for the llama badge and stay safe I’ll do the same for you 🙂🌈🎨😷🌸

Super nice gallery!!!

Happy Easter Day. Here's a Easter Video. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for the llama :hug: