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Watermelon hair by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Watermelon hair :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 4
It was strange. The sound I mean. It was like thirty or so wooden flutes, playing on a discord, and out of harmony. Yet the sound was beautiful, the flutes had no rhythm, they just tooted. Playing their song as if in practice, trying to warm up before going out on stage. Many flutes, many songs, many rhythms, one heartbeat. Holding the entire array of musicians in order and peace; while they all went their separate ways.
The sound was riveting. While it played, I could focus on no other thing. It kept me held down, in curiosity, hope, awkward silence, and fear. Yet it was one of the more beautiful things I had heard, in a long long time. The sound faded, and ultimately stopped. Leaving me hanging on the edge of reality.
"This may be the last thing you do. It may be full of perilous adventures; and the possibility of death at every turn. Do you accept your fate? Do you accept the quest?" Boomed a voice, neither male or female. In fact, It didn't even sound human, really.
"I do." I promi
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 1 0
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 2 #21 and her weapon by MaikaFranklinCLW3 #21 and her weapon :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0
The Black Burning Rose - pt 3
Almost four months after Roxas and Axle found her in Vexen's lab, Mynara and Vexen had figured out what was wrong with her.
All she needed was more smiles and a night with someone else. When Mynara insisted she spend the night with the young girl, naturally, numbers eight and thirteen decided to try and help as well.
The four of them spent the night huddled together on the large bed, whispering and talking, sharing a few laughs, and in the morning the young girl wasn't shivering anymore. She seemed much healthier.
Except for the fact that she seemed quite distracted, she looked and acted perfectly healthy.
When Vexen gave the green light to Xemnas to let her out, Xemnas was greatly relieved, and immediately insisted on seeing her.
All members were gathered in the throne room.
Xigbar lounged across his throne, picking at his teeth with the tip of one of his arrowguns.
Vexen sat shuffling a few pap
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 1 0
The Black Burning Rose - pt 2
They came back, as they promised. But they couldn't stay long.
As Axel and Roxas walked in, the small girl opened her eyes, and her face immediately lit up. "You're back."
"We are." Roxas smiled and went to sit at her feet. Axel knelt by her head and picked up her hands like last time. "Didn't we promise we would?"
"I didn't think... I never get to see anyone but Vexen and Saix..." The small girl sat up.
Dark though it was in that tiny room, both boys took the time to look at her, try to see her face. They didn't see much, but they could see some.
She had long black hair, and it was quite messy, but her bangs were bright green. Toxic green. Her eyes as well, were a wonderful bright forest.
They spent almost two hours talking, about random things, telling her stories and trying to help her feel better.
But as before, they had to leave.
"But I don't want them to leave, Vexen!" She complained, pouti
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0
The Black Burning Rose - pt 1
"What if," - Safety suit
"I'm still here" - John Rezznik
"Leave out all the rest" - Linkin park
"Passion" - Utada Hikaru
"Land down under" - men at work
The superior of the Organization XIII sat on his tall white marble throne and looked down, contemplating something.
As he sat, he sighed and bit his lip. "How did it happen to... how? WHY?" he muttered. "Saix,"
As he sat, a portal opened before him, and a tall man walked through, and stood before him. "Superior," he nodded in respect. "You summoned me?"
"I want you to ask Vexen how it's going. Go." He spoke quickly and rather briskly, dismissing the man next to him like nothing more than a slave.
"Vexen has been up to his ears in work for months, why don't we give him a break to work on something else? He could work on something he wants to work on, like Roxas. That and the others' requests have been piling up beh
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0
Dana icon by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Dana icon :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 1 0
Before I was not -Exil-
"Laika, the dog, sent into space, even before humans. He was sent out in a small shuttle and came back safely, only being slightly bruised on the landing. He was highly celebrated and loved, treated as a hero in the Soviet Union, and will always be remembered in history as the first human-sent being into space-"
"Under YOUR watch,"
The whole class turned to the back of the room, staring at the young woman in the back who had spoken out.
"Miss McKenzie, did you have something to say?" Mr. Harland gave her the evil eye, watching her closely.
"No, sir. I didn't." She glared at him, looking bored and slightly agitated, but hid it well, I could barely see it.
"Very good. Now, back to the lecture. As I was saying, Laika was celebrated as a hero and treated as such for many years, until his death years ago. But, as Laika being the first animal, he was not the last. After him, years later, a man was successfully sent into orbit, again from Russia.
"But, the Soviet Union still lost the Space ra
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0
Reno laughed, as Rufus reached across his chest to place his left hand on a blue circle. As the blond's arm slid over the other's chest it created a tickling sensation that reno couldn't resist.
"What's so funny?"
"It tickles!" Reno laughed even harder. Rufus blushed.
The game had started out a joke made by Rude about a week ago, but the two had decided to try it anyway. They had quickly become obsessed, playing at least four or five rounds a night for the past six days.
This round was their second round of Twister for the night.
It would be hard to imagine, honestly the two thought so as well, that they would get so wrapped up in a single game. But if you thought about it it made a lot of sense. Reno kept loosing, but, according to his flamboyant yet competitively humorous nature, he kept at it, aiming for a win. Rufus, on the other hand, found that this game was the only thing he could beat Reno at, ever. This made him feel victorious, and powerful, and he liked power.
And so they pl
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 1 0
That's how we do buisness pro
"Really, mom? You're making me hook up with someone I've never met before. Are you serious?"
"Yes, I am. You family's business has been tangled up with the Hikari's for years, and we're finally sick of it. We're planning a merger, but we need you to meet and marry a girl from their side. It's how this world does business, you know that." Riku's mother scolded, sighing heavily.
"I know that, but I don't WANT to do anything like that. I don't wanna get sucked up into my family's problems, when I had nothing to do with them. I wanna live my life, mom. I'm happy outside town with my pool and big house and only one maid. Namine's really sweet."
"I know, dear. I've met the girl. And she is a sweetheart. But you know that it has to be direct children or the company owners, or if there aren't nieces or nephews. Since you're our only child, you have to be our representative, and the Hikaris have six daughters; three of them unmarried. Their son is a dashing young man, too, by all rights, I thin
:iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0
Mademoiselle M. by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Mademoiselle M. :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0 Agent Star by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Agent Star :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0 'Thing A' by MaikaFranklinCLW3 'Thing A' :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0 'Thing B' by MaikaFranklinCLW3 'Thing B' :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0 Agent  253 by MaikaFranklinCLW3 Agent 253 :iconmaikafranklinclw3:MaikaFranklinCLW3 0 0


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