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Angry Pink Cloud by Maikaduriel, literature

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Sweet Summer Spring by Maikaduriel, literature

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My Bio
I'm not sure why I still have this page.

Favourite Visual Artist
Todd Hunter McGaw
Favourite Movies
Back To The Future, Interstate 60, Serenity
Favourite TV Shows
Firefly, Glee, Dollhouse
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Incubus, Jason Mraz, Mutemath
Favourite Books
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files
Favourite Writers
Brandon Boyd, Jason Mraz, Jim Butcher
Favourite Games
Theme Park, Theme Hospital, the Curse of Monkey Island
Favourite Gaming Platform
Anything Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Nikon D700, 24-70mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8 and the constant drive to improve.
Other Interests
Music, dance, poetry, fashion, makeup
Hi, Deviants. Hisashiburi desu. What's been happening? People pay me to take pictures of them these days. That's pretty cool. I got to shoot Incubus in February, which was just about the best thing ever. I have my fingers crossed for a photo pass for Mutemath next month, and my first destination wedding in Fiji in June. I got really into SHINee. I put a deposit on a car today. I figured out I'm gluten intolerant. I got a D700 and a 24-70mm f2.8 and an 85mm f1.4 and they're my babies. Chris got a killer job teaching the up-and-coming PTs and massage therapists at the Australian Institute of Fitness, and he's still pretty much the best. And I'
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DeviantART still exists, I see... I kind of forgot about it for 6 months or so there. I'll probably continue to forget about it, but I'm on Flickr and Facebook and stuff in case anyone wants to keep in touch. I'm not gonna delete it or anything, just... I don't exactly swing by anymore. Just in case you want to see me around: (but I don't really hang there much either, I only use it when I have to) (which I also don't use heaps, but my business cards direct people there so...) I have my own website too but it's kind of shite an
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Heyo. I got sick of "my life according to Jason Mraz" so I figured, new journal entry. What the hey! So, uni's over. My graduation ceremony is in May. I bought a Nikon D90 in December and it's my baby. I've been doing some photography for ENRG Roller Derby and Chris's band Preston Fight, and I did a little graphic design work for a band called Very Unique Existence too - t-shirts and a MySpace design but it's not up yet. And I got really into Mutemath! I got Twitter, you can hunt me down at @erinsmith87. I just got a smart phone so I tweet a lot like a little egomaniac. Words don't happen for me like they used to, which is a bit sad. Not
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lololoolololol! oh noes!!! i know. i sorta felt bad when i changed it. i was eating ice cream at the time so i quickly got over it :| hiiiiiii lady! :]
thank you for the :+fav:!
Thank you for your interest in :iconthewrittenrevolution: #theWrittenRevolution, we're delighted to have you!

Welcome to the revolution (and sorry for the late reply) :salute:

Please take a look at our news article, thanks!
Hello! This will be really random, but I'm curious. Does "Maika" mean anything? LOL It's my real first name and I never knew what it actually means. I saw your comment at [link] and immediately saw your username.

Where'd you get your username from if I may ask? I hardly ever see "Maika" spelled my way. It's usually Micah or Mika.
Hi Maika! Wow, that's a pretty crazy coincidence. You have an awesome name, by the way.
I stumbled across my username on a Lord of the Rings fansite, they had an elvish name generator and one of the options it gave me for my name (which is Erin) was Maikaduriel. I liked it so I used it, and then shortened it to Maika and here we are :)
I don't know what it means either but I think it's a beautiful name, and I love the way you spell it! It looks gorgeous written down.
Sorry I couldn't be more help on the meaning, Maika.
Sorry for the late response.
LOL that sounds so cool. Thank you, I like how my name is spelled too ^^
and don't worry about it =3
Hey Maika ^^ how u been?