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Totally new and shiny ^^

Free black cursor set with blue busy wheels for Windows. 

This set is designed for super high resolution displays:
- 100 % dpi
- 150 % dpi
- 200 % dpi

Installing is as easy as pie:

1) Download and extract
2) Right-click on "install ... percent.inf" (depending on your prefered dpi) and choose install
3) choose "ml.blau 3 ...%" scheme in Windows mouse settings

This new upload contains all cursors and animations fully redesigned.

It's my favorite mouse cursor theme and I even use it at my pc at work. 
Hope you enjoy, leave comment if you like it ^^

Cursor download is free.
All sources (vector svg file) are available as "Premium Content".

Earlier versions:

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😅can you give me?

is there a virus in the file? im kinda scared

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No virus at all. Just an installation script for Windows - you don't have to use it, you can set all cursors manually too. But using the script makes it much easier. Enjoy :)

it's good but it s too big could you make a smaller version of it

that would be perfect

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Hi - thanks for you feedback. I won't resize it because that's one of the things I love. You should try it for a while and you'll get used to it so soon you'll never want to go back :)

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over large!!! Use Version 2

the mouse is huge

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Man, I like your cursors. Great job 👍🏼.

how can i download this ?

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idk, impossible

It's look so beautiful. Thank you.

i like it smooth

Love it. I needed larger cursors for doing online demos and this works great. Thank you!

please someone help me i downloaded this and then it became a zip file then i right clicked it and made it into a folder and when i open the folder and right click install 100 percent i cant fond install. i am on MACOS btw

Its for Windows only. It literally says in the description :/

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