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The Messenger

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"Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow," said the Prince, "will you not stay with me for one night, and be my messenger?"
- The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde

For a person who honestly finds the use of wing imagery to be clichéd, I sure do draw them a lot. :B I can't help it! This started out in an entirely different direction; just the idea of the winged figure rising into the sky, then refocussing on it as a statue, then adding the birds ... and finally the sword, after I realized how much it made me think of The Happy Prince. Plus his expression turned out rather sad. Messy detail on the face can be seen here :P [link]

It's absolutely unfathomable to me how some artists can sketch so neatly and cleanly. ^^;;;;;;;;; This thing is smudging like there is no tomorrow ... and I used mechanical pencil too ;______________;

EDIT: Just fixed a shaded spot by his left (our right) arm. Also changed the namestamp back to red. It was b/w before because I didn't want it to stand out, but I guess I'm more used to seeing it like this. ^^;
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Ooh! I love the angle of the wings on this picture. :D
maiji's avatar
Thank you! ^^
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Sure, of course!
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Absolutely beautiful! I can't say enough about this drawing! :+favlove:
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Awsome :thumbsup: looks like it was in motion because of those wings :). I don't mind them, I would enjoy even more of them :D
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Wow! This is unbelievable! Great work! :D
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Woah. Your embrassing me. Cause your work makes me look bad.
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ooh great angle and wings..
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eheh, i love the story of the happy prince! though it always made me cry, little person that i was when i read it. ^^; i love the details that you have in here, despite the cliché wing imagery...they have such texture. cool perspective on the happy prince as well. :D
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haven't i seen this already o__O
well it's still pretty cool
*ads it to fav again*
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Yeah, I just made it into a print XD;;
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its so nice!!! i love how you drew the wings and the sparrows add a really nice touch!!
awesome work as usual maiji!!! *^__^* :glomp:
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XD Hey, same with me for the wing imagery overuse, lol. I love what you did here. THe perpective gives him such power. Love the textures. He's really sexy. Cute face, hot body... I love the textures... how he's, like, breaking frm the rock. +fav. Loving the symbolism.
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But your wings are lovely! Gosh, I love this concept of the drawing~
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I love that story, it's so sad... Oscar Wilde's a relative of mine:D But anyway , gorgeous pic, great lines:+fav:
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Wow, really? :O

Thank you~
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:D yeah, but I don't know how distant

you're welcome:D
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woooow!! *__* although this is some sort of a scrap, it´s so detailed and beautiful!!! I love the perspective and the sword!! And of course the boy too!!! *___*
cya Tini
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Wow, this is amazing. I love how you draw wings and how you drew his face. Awesome concept! =D
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The Happy Prince is so handsome. x333 I remember he was quite girly in the illustration that was in the book I read. XDDD I luff your wings and the overall concept. ;;-;;
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love the way the wings encompass the sword and the guy :nod: very nice sketch alltogether, plus the perspective is good :D
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