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.:Wildflower's Zeppelin:.

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Edit: Updated his reference! I downloaded SAI Paint and wow the lineart tool makes my lineart look 10000000x better yay! I drew the lineart traditionally and then scanned it and opened it in SAI Paint and turned the lineart digital. If anyone is interested in seeing the tradition version let me know :)

 Rosa spotted the stallion in  the sale yards of a Warmblood stock sale a few hours north. She was wandering about the pens, curiously peeking in at the collection of equally curious horses. Rosa was after the breed of horse that made her proud to be German. And then she stumbled across him.

He was pacing nervously around the small, steel fenced round pen. The whites of his eyes rolling around, ears flicking nervously back and forth, shaking his head constantly.
"Hello lovely" She clucked, and wandered over to the fence, mesmerised by his one blue eye and interesting "tear drop" marking around his eye, the only white marking on his oil black body. 
"Shhhhh, its okay" She whispered calmly, holding out her hand to the cold steel bars of the pen, encouraging the stallion to sniff her hand. 
At first, he was apprehensive, but she had caught his attention. It took him 10 minutes of contemplation before he finally gave in and walked over to Rosa, ears facing toward her in interest.
Rosa smiled to herself at the stallion's curiosity, and let him cautiously sniff her hand, and let him lose interest. She turned to the information placard sticky taped to one of the bars of the pen.
"Unnamed 4yr old Trakehner Stallion, registered with papers......" His bloodlines were mediocre, but that didn't sway Rosa in the slightest.
"You will be mine" She smiled slyly, and sauntered off.


3 weeks later, the stallion had settled into his first week at Wildflower Hill Stables. Still unnamed, Rosa was stumped for any sort of names for the stallion. She couldn't find one to fit his dark, brooding, mischievous personality. As she led him into the undercover arena for a small dressage lesson, she plugged her Iphone into a docking station and blared some music, to help him adjust to future experiences in the show ring. 
As she swung herself over his back and settled into the saddle and eased him into a relaxed walk, "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin came on. The stallion's ears pricked up, and his lazy gait became excited and active.
"So you're a Zep fan eh?" She smiled, and then it was apparent what his name would be.

Name: WFHS Zeppelin
Nickname: Zep, Zeppy
Gender: Stallion (male)
Breed: Trakehner (lighter build, Thoroughbred resemblance) 
Age: 7
Height: 16.2hh
Colour: Non-fading Black
Markings: Unusual "blaze" 
Discipline: Dressage
Genetics: Ee/aa
Sire/Dam: Imported Bloodlines X Imported Bloodlines
Offspring: N/A
For Stud/Lease: Available for breedings, please note me.
Personality: Zep is your classic teenage boy in a rock band that girls swoon over. Dark, moody nature and an apparent passion for Led Zeppelin (hence his name), Zep would be a heartbreaker in people world. His teenage boy attitude does get him into trouble a lot of the time for being cheeky and mischievous, but he behaves well once settled and put to work, and has impressive movement for a stallion still in training. Rosa's personal favourite (but we don't pick favourites right? shhh its a secret)

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At Liberty - 1st :trophy: +5CP
• Dressage - 15th +2CP
Halter +2CP
• Dressage - 4th +2CP
• Dressage - not run yet +2CP
• Dressage - not run yet +2CP

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• Dressage Training [Collab] +2CP

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• Ying & Yang +1CP
• Rosa wot r u doin? +1CP
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• Recreation Image + 1CP

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xxElaniteHobbyist Digital Artist
The genes on this horse are for a bay base grey. Black is Ee/aa or EE/aa
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Woops ^^;
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cool marking and I like how it's cropped into a circle. :boing:
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Thankyou! I hope it makes him a little "unique" haha
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Nice, i really like the facemarking!:)
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