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Well, well, well.. Obviously I haven't bin around much and suddenly: BAM more than one picture within 2 months.. must be frightening. No I am not unemployed or seriously ill. I just got a bit more time at the moment and rather use it for art than essential things like cleaning up the house befor emy parents in law come by... I still need to do that one day or an other.
Anyhow. In the meantime I changed jobs to a different location and I am much more happy and much more skimmed, but it is worth it.
Otherwise I visited Thailand last year which was a great experience and I am still living in England, even though I moved a bit outside of town which is much nicer.
Well.. not much else to say.

Ca hopefully soon

dat Maihunaa
Hi there everyone.

Well after quite some time I just wanted to let you know that I am still alright.
I enjoy a new country (from Germany to England) and because of that I had not much time to write or keep up with all of you. Yet again I am very sorry for that.
Thank you all for the favs and the comments you write. It encourages me to do more and improve. I still got a long way to go, but every critique helps.

Well.. I am working on a lot of pictures right now. I am not too sure when I will be able to finish them, since I do not have my copics here yet (soobs) or a scanner of that... As soon as I get a permanent residence in Carlisle everything will be brought to me and I will upload new stuff... until then I will try to finish this big project I started with CS3... But since I am not to happy with the pose anymore it will be one of those pictures where I will just LOVE the background in the end! *lol* Or I will keep on working till I start liking it again... depens on what happens first. *lol*

Anyways I am really looking forward on your thoughts to my new pictures.


ca around

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  • Reading: Der Aufstand der Boxer
  • Watching: Snow white (Korean Drama)
  • Playing: nothing right now... got too much to do...
  • Eating: lots of Ramen lately... and I made cake
  • Drinking: tea
And yet an other try to sell one of my pictures... it is "Game over" the link for the action is:…

So if you want it, come and get it *smile*

besides that I am in quite a lot of stress which is why all my pictures I am working on are on hold right now, but don't worry I'll be back in no time and finally finish that new Fanart and all the other stuff I started to do. I remember now why I never was able to become a real professional Artist: I get distracted. But oh well, It is a turning point in my life right now, so I guess it is somewhat legitimate. *smile*

Well anyways

see you next time and greetings to you all

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  • Reading: Mathilda (my mom gave it to me to read)
  • Watching: Devil besides you (Mike He is cute ^^)
Alright... sorry I haven't been around in the last couple of weeks.. well what happend was that my internet got cancelled... it was an honest mistake, but the problem was that I had to wait about a month to finally get it back..
Well now that it is everything is fine again.
So now I can strife to finish my newest picture (hope you guys will enjoy it) an all the other things I am working on.
So see you around
So... I am back and I got some more time on may hands.. not much, but enough that I can actually finish some work. *smile*
Well I am right now working on moving to England. I am quite happy that I got a job their. Hopefully people will be nice. (But I figure as much) Well but that does involve quite some paperwork and some planing.. and then there is my wedding coming up. It is still a year but my fiancee is already kinda making noise about the dresscode.. is it so wrong that I want him to wear something decent?? *smile* Men... or better my man... *lol*

Well anyhow I am back an happy about it!
BTW if you are interested in buying an original painting of mine I do have an ebay auction going on right now. So check out:…

It's quite an old picture of mine but I figured I should try it at least once. *smile*
Ok.. looks like I am going to be there. Saturday is the day I will be there 24/7 I got quite lucky since I am able to sell my 3D cards as well and I will be there with the ComicCombo crew. So cool! I hope to see some of you guys!! *smile*
Well. I already saw it quite often that some people offer commissions.. so I thought I should try that as well. So if you would like me to draw a charakter or something you can contact me or write something. I will see what I can do. Sadly I will have to charge a little money for it... sorry..
Well Finally I am done with Studying. YEAH! I am now a dentist! FEAR ME! *lol*

Well anyhow I am working on 2 new pictures but since I am working in Leipzig I can't live in Stuttgart where all my art stuff is right now.. together with my totaly awsome computer. Which I miss very bad! *sigh* But I am working on it and I already send many aplications.. so now it is just sit and wait. *sigh* I hate sit and wait!
Well... let's say it like that. Having stress because you screwed up is bad, having stress because someone else screwed up is worse. So that's pretty much what I am going through right now and the problem is.. I have no time whatsoever to work on my new pictures (I already got two new ones drawn and I started with the color, but I am nowhere near to finish them right now.. it's sad...)
But hey.. in the meantime you can still visit my webpage.. I also have some tutorials on there (only german though) so if someone is interested please look it up...

until then please be patient with me!