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macOS BigSur For RocketDock

By Maiguris
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Dock & IconPack for RocketDock.
-Tutorial: How to Get the macOS Big Sur look in Windows 10:
-Tutorial: How to get Vivaldi look like Safari on Windows 10:

Last Update: 24/09/2020

Maiguris BigSur Dock 0.0.6

0.0.6 :
-All this icons has been added:
-The Apple photos icon has been updated, now is more colorful.
-The QuickGuide is now in English and Spanish language.
-Added the "Maiguris YouTube Channel" icon. Please support me with just subscribe to my YT channel!
0.0.5 :
-All this icons has been added:
-The new Apple Music logo has been added.
0.0.4 :
-All this icons has been added:
-The names of the docks has been changed (Light,Night,RoundedLight,RoundedNight), please if you have a minor version, erase the old docks and add the new ones.
0.0.3 :
-The shadow of the "Clear-Regular" dock has been fixed.
-Added the Apple Podcast icon (Regular & Night-Modde).
-Added the Apple News+ icon (Regular & Night-Mode).
-The "macOS Big Sur Night-Mode" has been added.
-The "macOS Big Sur Clear Rounded Corners" dock has been added.
-The "macOS Big Sur Night-Mode Rouded Corners" dock has been added.
0.0.2 :
-Added a new collection of 9 icon folders.
-Added the Contacts icon (Regular & Night Mode).
-Added a transparent Launchpad icon.
-The Apple Music icon has been updated, the note icon is now proportional.
-The Apple Calendar icon is now a little bit more colourful as the original in macOS.
-The shadow of the dock has been fixed.
0.0.1 :

- You can Download it right here, in the Download button (obviously x3)
- i added a QuickSteps instructions on the folder if you need help to setting up :D
- Enjoy & consider show your support just subscribe into my YouTube Channel:

Hecho con amor, en México por Maiguris.
© 2020 Maiguris
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How Do You Add Them To RoketDock

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Hi stossy, i added a document named "QuickGuide" there are the instruccions to how to install it :3

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Love them, thanks from Barcelona!

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muchas gracias nevvertoofar!, por favor considera suscribirte a mi canal de YouTube en muestra de apoyo :3/


what is the size of the file which is to be downloaded

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sathvijaelNew Deviant

how should i add the iconssss................plss someone help

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hi sathvijael, i added the instruccions in the "QuickGuide" file, but, in short, when you have your icons in the RocketDock, you´ll have to press right click on an icon and select "icons settings", find the route on where you left the folder with the iconpack and select it with the "+" button. press ok and that´s it :3

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thank you!good.

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will this work on nexus dock??

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Hi JOE12349! i made this skin for only RocketDock, someone tell me that some skins of RocketDock works on Nexus. i don´t really know if my skin works on Nexus, i think not, but try it yourself if you want nwn

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I did, it works!!!

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eddiherquiNew Deviant

VIva mexico!!

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Please can someone tell me if have problems with the dock? :D

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tomas00714New DeviantFeatured

hola, una pregunta, como puedo poner el tema de Big sur en RocketDock

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Hola Tomas!

-Instala RocketDock en tu PC

-Descargas mi skin+iconpack (justo en el boton de descarga abajo de la imagen)

-ya que tengas descomprimido te quedaran 4 carpetas de las skin para RocketDock y una carpeta adicional en donde vienen los iconos.

-las 4 carpetas de skin tienes que moverlas a los archivos del programa RocketDock, puedes buscar en Disco duro (C:)>Archivos del programa (x86)>RocketDock>Skins (por ejemplo, podria ser diferente en tu PC, pero por lo general es en esa ruta).

-ahora cuando tengas el RocketDock iniciado, dale click derecho con el mouse y selecciona "Opciones del Dock">Estilo>Tema y seleccionas las skins que agregaste.

-para los iconos, selecciona el icono que quieres editar y presiona click derecho en el, selecciona opciones del icono, despues tendras que agregar la ruta en donde esta la carpeta de los iconos con el boton de "+".

seleccionas el icono de tu preferencia y presionas aceptar.


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i love it .

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m4ximil9noNew Deviant

muy bueno like

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muchas gracias m4ximil9no! nwn

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EboshiyaNew Deviant

awe <3

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