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Stronger than you {Okuyasu X reader}
The summer heat filled the room as you stared at Okuyasu with your hands locked together, albeit not it the context you would have preferred. You would gladly have been simply holding hands, but after you teased him about having to open a jar for him he insisted on proving his strength by challenging you to an arm wrestling contest. He new you were never one to pass up on a challenge so with an annoyed  sigh you agreed causing you to be placed in this fine predicament. With hands intertwined and elbows planted firmly on the table, you locked eyes with the delinquent.
"You really wanna try this Oku? I know I'm not nearly as big as you, but I'm stronger than I look." 
"Ah come on (f/n) don't get your hopes up, the whole jar thing was just a fluke!" ,Oku laughed, but you could tell that he was nervous. He knew that there was a strong possibility that you could wipe the floor with him but he had to at least try to beat you.
"Fine what ever you say", you mused, " Best two out of t
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HighschoolStuck KatNep Part 2
      (Nepetas P.O.V.)
   I sat down at a park bench and swang my feet underneath the bench. I pulled out my  phone and checked the time, 5:48. Before I knew it, Karkat was walking around the corner. I waved at him and he sat down next to me. "So what did you need to talk about?" he asked looking down at me.
    "Umm I know this isn't the best the best time to tell you this" I was trying her best not to stutter."especially with what happened between you and Terezi. Anyways what I'm trying to say is I like you, like.. Shit.. Just forget what I said" I stood up.
    "Nepeta wait" Karkat grabbed my wrist "Are you trying to say that you wanna go out?"
    "Well yeah.." I was blushing "Listen if you don't want to go out with me you don't have to."
    Karkat stood up "I could give it a try" he gave a small smile. I blushed even more, I wasn't used to seein
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 3 1
HighschoolStuck KatNep Part 1
(Nep's P.O.V)
    My name is Nepeta Lejion. I go to school at Skaia High. Let me make a long story a bit shorter and say highschool is a bitch. The people aren't nice, the food is shit, and classes aren't easy.
    There is one thing that does make it a little better, Karkat Vantas. He has been my crush since 5th grade. I know he likes Terezi but I still wish he would at least give me a chance.
    Karkat is in most of my classes and I'm happy that he is. He's my friend and we've known each other for like, forever and a day. But today he didn't seem like himself, he seemed upset. So I guess it's my job to find out what's wrong.
(Karkat's P.O.V)
     Today I think im finally gonna do it. I'm going to finally confess my feelings for Terezi. She's a girl, just a little younger than me, she has ginger hair and a bit of a seeing problem. Ok it's more than just a bit, Terezi is partially blind, but that isn'
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 4 2
Not for Sale {Zacharie X Reader}
You swung your legs back and forth from your perch on the table Zacharie was currently counting his credits at. 
"(f/n), buy something from me. I'm four credits away from an even 400"
"Fine", you sighed digging through your pockets for the currency, " Show me your wares."
Zach jumped up out of the chair and rushed across the room to grab his pack. In no time he had an assortment of various bats, luck tickets, and other goods spread across the table. All of witch were the best of quality, but alas they held no purpose for you. There was one thing Zacharie had that you could use to no end, but getting it was sure to cost you more than 4 credits.
"Zach" you chirped with a mischievous grin plastered to your face.
Zach looked up at you from his seat, "What is it? Did you find something you like?"
You humed nodding your head in agreement " Of course Zach! I'll take your mas-"
"But Zach I -"
" Sorry not for sale" Zacharie stated placeing his hands over his face as a me
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 74 3
One Stop Away {Dave x Reader}
Sick beats blared through your headphones as you diligently worked on the next update of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. On the desk beside you sat a fresh glass of apple juice and to your distaste Lil Cal. On the puppet's lap sat your phone which was buzzing up a storm. With ninja like speed you pulled off your headphones and grabbed the device previously mentioned unlocking it and putting it up to your ear. Your head was instantly filled with the excited squeals of your girlfriend {f/n}
"Dave! Dave! I got them! I got them!" she proclaimed excitedly. You see several hours ago your devout girlfriend had made a trek out into the warm Texas morning all in the name of video games. She was a really trooper in your eyes. The lines outside the Gamestop had to be huge, but {f/n} was strong and now she had secured the both of you limited editions of { favorite video game}. She was the best girlfriend ever.
"Sweet, babe. I have no idea what I would do with out you"
" Well for starters you would
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Out of Darkness Dave x Reader Part 2
                    Quick, close your eyes. Make this all go away.
   At this moment its hard for you to even blink.  Fear and adrenaline courses through your veins. 009 is attacking the guards while 008 is trying to unlock the door. You on the other hand, are just standing there, terrified, like a deer in headlights. You can’t attack and even if you did, you would get killed.
  “Damn……” You hear 008 struggling with the lock. You want to go and help him but you know nothing about lockpicking, you’ll just be in the way.
   ‘C’mon don’t just stand there. I need to help. But how?’  You take another look at 009 and see orange sparks flying from his fingertips. ‘Huh? Sparks…..’ You step forward in realization. ‘So that’s what he meant by different.’ All the fear drains from your body as you take another step f
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Out of Darkness (Dave X Reader)
  Quick open your eyes what do you see? Darkness, as usual. What is that? I hear….. Voices. They’re yelling at me. What are they saying?
  “Come on…..”   “___ you have to wake up!”
   ___….  Is that me? I can’t remember.  Wake up…..  Wake up!
   You quickly open your eyes as consciousness hits you like a bullet. Looking around you see relived faces. You try to move but your efforts fail.
  “Shit……” You struggle against the ropes tying you to a bed. At that moment everybody in the room leaves with out speaking a word. You struggle some more, eventually loosening one of the ropes and slipping your hand out. You sit up as a blonde boy walks into the room.
   Trying to get the other rope undone, the boy starts to laugh. Is he laughing at me? You get the other rope undone and glare at him.
  “Your head must hurt.” he chuc
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 52 6
Safe room {JohnXreader} [Zombiestuck]
"Come on ____the safe room is just around the corner! We're going to make it!" John cheered as he pulled you down one of the clinic's many empty corridors, your boots making soft thumps as you ran.  
" John, wait", you added stopping dead in your tracks.
"Huh? What is it? You don't hear any more of them coming do you?"
" No its just...Thank you for everything. Honestly if it wasn't for you I don't think I'd be here or at least be alive that is."  You respond with a large blush on your face. " I just thought you should know how much I appreciate you" and with that you engulfed him in a hug. 
" Jeez _____ no need to be so emotional! I was just doing what any guy would do to protect a pretty lady."
You can't help but giggle at your boyfriend's corny line, but any trace of laughter ceases as he leans in close to your ear.
" Besides why don't you save all that love for when we get in the safe room hmmm~?, b
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 71 19
Welcome to the Circus! (CircustuckXReader) {intro}
Deep with in the woods that surround the once quaint city of Skyia rests place rebounded through out the land for talent,wonder, and surprise. A place children regard fondly with hints of joy in their small voices. A place that even brings smiles to the faces of the adults that visit. A place simply named the Alternian Circus due to the fact over half of the performers were born on the planet. Twelve of them to be exact. Karkat the Ring leader, Aradia the  lion tamer,Tavros the animal trainer, Sol and Lux the Arial twins, The Lion Girl Nepeta, Kanaya the fortune teller, Terezi the Daughter of Blades, Vriska Queen of spiders, Equius the strong man, Gamzee the clown, The amazing Eridan, and Feferi the high diver. Now according to the ring leader humans rarely possessed enough talent to preform in his circus, but there were a lucky few. It just so happens that you were one of them. You preformed with eight others,Dirk the sword swallower, the trick shooter Jake, Roxy and Jane the Acr
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 49 86
I Remember ( Suicidal!CanadaXReader)
" Matt! I'm home!", you yelled walking into the apartment you shared with the Canadian, groceries in tow. You made your way into the kitchen to put away your groceries only to find Kumajiro sitting on the counter.
"Hey Kuma" you said patting the small bear's head.
" Who are you?" he asked oblivious to the fact you had lived in this apartment with him and Canada for over a year.
" I'm _______! "
"You know Canada's girlfriend?"
"Fine then" you stated growing more and more impatient with the bear, " Is Canada home, you know your owner?"
A look of recognition came over the small animal's face as he held out a note. You quickly snatched it from Kumajiro and began to read.
I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want things to end this way, but I didn't have a choice. I....I just couldn't stand it any more.No one notices or remembers me not even my own brother! You have know idea what that feels like and I hope you never find out. It'
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 33 23
Staring Contest (Sollux X Reader)
               Staring contest 
             {sollux x reader}
An intense look of concentration was plastered on your face as you stared at the television in front of you. Your fingers moving nimbly as you rapidly pressed the buttons on your controller. Beside you sat your morail,Sollux, who had an ever growing smirk on his face. Quickly you glanced up to the top of the screen to see your health bar slowly reduce. Stupid Captor! Why did you even agree to play this game? You sucked at Street Fighter and you knew it. Oh well you would just have to step up your game. Well that's what you thought until Sollux let lose one final Hadouken causing you to not only lose what little life you had left ,but also the game.
 "Let2 2ee that2 twelve wiin2 for me and what wa2 your 2core? Oh yeah zero!" Sollux cackled , pausing the game and placing his controller on the coffee table.
"Shut up Sol!" you say playfully pun
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 321 63
Birthday Suprises(mama!reader x child!Karkat)
You awoke completely and utterly excited it didn't even matter to you that it was a Monday. Your threw off you blankets and ran down stairs to the kitchen where your husband sat drinking a cup of coffee.
"Kankri! I know what im going to get Karkat for his birthday!"
 "[F/N]" Kankri sighed sitting down his cup " Your really shouldn't yell it could be triggering"
 " Oh sorry im just so excited I mean our little Karkar is three sweeps old!
  A small smile grew on your matesprits face " Yes he is becoming quite the young troll"
 "Umhm and I know just what to do for him!"
 ~ five days later on Karkat's birthday~
You wake up, the sunlight flowing through the window and lighting up the room. You look beside you and find your husband still sleeping.
You sneak out of bed and make your way to your young son's bedroom. You find Karkat sleeping with his blankets over his head.
"Karkat happy birthday!" You cheer as you pull the covers off his
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 137 14
Behind Closed Doors{HomestuckXreader}Intro
Slowly your remove your gaze from your schedule and look at the large campus in front of you. It had to be  the most spectacular set of  structures you had ever seen with each of the buildings looking like a small castle. You had a feeling that you were going to love Derse University.
~Time skip brought to you by Ampora brand buckets~
It was now official, you hated Derse University. You had been wandering around the campus for three hours! Three flipping hours! All those hours of your life wasted looking for the girl's dorms, which at this point you didn't even think existed. You were tired, hungry, and in dire need of caffeine. You know what? Screw it! You didn't even care anymore. You marched right up to the nearest building and began the hunt for dorm number D37, the dorm that if ever located belonged to you. Once in the building your made your way up several flights of stairs, getting strange looks from passers by as you stompe
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 44 40
Bully {Child America X Big Sister Reader}
You get off the bus to find your 7 year old brother Alfred playing in the yard waiting for you to come home. You unlock the door, put your stuff inside, and go get your little brother.
You sneak up behind Alfred and grab his shoulders "BOO!"
You laugh as your brother falls to the ground screaming.
 "Don't do that!" Alfred yells as he gets himself off the ground.
You just stick your tounge out and laugh some more. Alfred hands you his jacket and you both head back inside. On the table you find a note from your father saying that he will be back from work at 8:45.
You sit down on the couch and turn on the T.V. Alfred sits down on the other end of the couch.
 "Do you have any homework?" You ask trying to find a show to watch.
 "Nope." Alfred replies distracted by the T.V.
 "Then let me see your say softly in sort of a hum.
Alfred gets up and grabs his backpack. He hands you the bag revealing a set of bruises along his arms. Instead of taking his backpack yo
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 187 37
Beyond the Gates of Hell {Dark!Hetalia} Chap.1
Greetings Readers!
I, the maid of space, and my collab partner, Giselle, just want to thank you for taking the time to read this memo.
Now, this isn’t just something we wanted you to hear about how grateful we are, it is a ‘fill-in’ to some the main characters used in our plot.
As I’m sure you will gather, this is obviously an AU to which the Hetalia characters (along with our OC’s) will be put to the test of survival after playing a mysterious horror game.
Now, we know what you may be confused (especially about our OC’s) so we have decided to write this for you –  to clear up the mess. Here is a quick profile of both of our characters so you will not be lost within our story.
Name: Anastasiya Braginskaya
Personification: Moscow, capital of Russia
Appearance: http://img3.visua
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A false sense of safety{ Abusive!RussiaXReader}
You sat on your bed, Russia sitting behind your tracing his fingers over your scar covered back.
" I remeber this one do you?" he asked finger running back and forth a large scar going straight from one shoulder blade to the other.
" Da" you wispered, tears coming to your eyes. You remembered that scar all to well.
*flash back*

"___________, why did you tell Lativa and Estonia that they could take a break?"
" Im sorry they just looked so tired,I'll go finish up for them"
Your turned around and started off twords the den to finish up the Baltics chores when suddenly you colapsed. A sharp pain running across your back.
" Since your so close with little Lativa I though he might have warned you about what happens when you walk away from me while I'm talking, butI guess not" Russia said sweetly standing over you holding his pipe.
*flash back end*

"Lets not make that happen again" Russia wispered in to your ear " Now have you decided to become one yet?"
Become one. You remembered
:iconmaidsofspaceandtime:maidsofspaceandtime 39 21


Zacharie x Reader ~ Credits

AN: The picture is by :icontherogueofheart:   ) 
"(Name)." Zacharie was poking you over and over you were getting quite annoyed. "Zach if you  touch me one more time i will take that kitty mask and Shove it down your throat." He whimpered you felt bad and sighed "What is it zach?" "You Wanna buy This mask? Its only 40 credits." "No." "How about this?" He pulled out a weird deformed fork "10 credits." "No zachy." He sighed and shuffled off 
"(Name)!" You turned your head to see zacharie coming up with a box with a pretty (f/c) bow on it. "Yeah zach?" "I got something i think you'll like!" He Shoved the box into your hands you opened it to find inside lacey (f/c) lingerie. A deep blush Went across your cheeks as you felt your eye twitch "I asked batter and he said girls like clothes so i went out and i found this you like that color right?" You could tell he was smiling under that mask seeing as it raised a little "Zacharie
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 172 73
Eventually VII {Dark!Bertholdt x Reader}
Green like the murky banks of an untouched swamp, wallowing in centuries of its own algae and filth build-up, dotted with the colour of peppermint sweets and sparkling with emerald flecks. Those were the eyes that stalked your victimesque fragile form in your dreaming mind that night. You could see the unquenchable lust and hunger shimmering maliciously in those all-seeing orbs, you could see the savage desperation for your blood and your soul pine in the dilating pupils. Everywhere you looked, you could see them. Never full-on, of course, only in the corner of your eyesight, disappearing into the mist once you tried to look at them. They saw you from every angle, reflecting in the rain, shining from the moon, whispering in the breeze... there was no refuge, nowhere to hide, no place where his eyes couldn't bore into your body. Your heart began to pound heavier and harder than any drum could, more intensely than you thought humanly possible. You began to run, legs corresponding with th
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 128 42
Eventually VI {Dark!Bertholdt x Reader}
You bit your bottom lip hard as you looked into the loving emerald eyes of the psychopath before you.
"Of course I love you." You let the lie spill out of your mouth, nothing except for thoughts of your promise to Reiner in your mind.
An eased half-smile appeared on Bertholdt's face. He looked like the Bertholdt you used to banter with at the dinner table after a hard day of training. If you could go back in time and tell your old self what was happening, you wouldn't have believed it. The sweet little kitten of a giant kidnapping you? Not likely. The lanky boy who screamed when he saw a spider on his pillow? Not possible.
Bertholdt let his hand crawl up the small of your back until he reached your hair, which he stroked.
"You are so beautiful, (y/n). I can't believe you're all mine now." He sighed, his eyes bathing in your image, never wanting to look away.
What he means is he didn't expect me to give in this quick, you thought bitterly.
"Bert..." You began, slowly moving your hand to
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 117 26
Eventually V {Dark!Bertholdt x Reader}
The tepid, sudsy excuse for bathwater crashed viciously cool waves onto your body as you lowered yourself back into the tub. You sighed and immersed yourself fully, closing your eyes to avoid the bountiful amount of soap stinging your tired eyes. All that peered over the surface was your nose. You could hear the water moving around your body. You could hear your breathing. You embraced the loving serenity that only a lonely soak could.
Time passed in quick speed. Seconds melded into minutes with no recognition as you bathed in the dark peace of your empty mind. Maybe Bertholdt would never come back and you could stay like this forever.
Vibrations pounded from under you, making the bathwater quiver. You shot your body up into sitting position and cautiously wiped your soapy eyelids before you opened them.  The sound of heavy footsteps got louder and harder, indicating that the monster was close. You held your breath as Bertholdt opened the bathroom door.
You were dying to ask him w
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 110 23
Count the Ways - Yandere!SnKBoys x Cursed!Reader
--- Count the Ways - Yandere!Boys x Cursed!Reader ---
[warnings for language, violence/gore, CREEPINESS and trigger warnings for unhealthily obsessive/controlling relationships.  The yandere ship should also be a clear warning here]
My entry for the Halloween Contest.  Let's begin. 8D
[Songstamp: "Rossini William Tell Overture Part 2 and 3" - from the "Catherine" OST]
It had all started with a rumor.
Legend spoke of a maiden from long ago who was famed for her never-ending love and devotion for a young soldier in the Recon Corps.  When the soldier was assigned to an expedition where doom was the only possible outcome, he was desperate to abort his role in the mission in order to remain with his beloved, but to no avail. In the end, however, the two swore unending loyalty to no one else but each other, resulting in his desertion.  
As punishment, both the maiden and the soldier were buried alive together inside
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 1,124 438


Its been ages but I've finally decided to start writing again! Only problem is that I'm completely brain dead when it comes to ideas. So if you've got any ideas then go ahead and send them my way! I'll write pretty much anything for JoJo's bizarre adventure, attack on titan, game grumps, and TF2 , but I'm open to pretty much any fandom. Reader inserts are my specialty so keep that in mind. Anyway I'd love to hear any ideas or prompts you guys have!

- Ed 


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Hi! This is just an account made by two crazy girls who have no life and love to write stories! We are both quite the anime fans and Homestucks so we'll often post stories or fan art to our favorite fandoms. We also write our stories independently with out the other "maid" so each story will be unique and completely different than others we have posted. I hope you enjoy all that we have to give our fandoms,
Ed " the maid of Space" and Tori " the maid of Time"


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