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Calm Before the Terror

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Time taken :: 4 hours
Layers :: 46
Favorite part :: The cloud blending
Least favorite part :: Nothing... ^-^

My entry for #ManipulateThis's "Anti-Cliche Challenge" at Level 2. [link]

Personal Thoughts
This was very different for me because I usually do horses in realistic scenes, and this is only my second try at human models, so I'm totally open to any suggestions you may have on improving this!
It was in the middle of this work that I felt really good about this. You know, the feeling of "This is gonna be good!" :XD:

My ditty for this piece:
Where is it when water flows up and clouds float down?
Right here.
Where is it when the moon reflects on the watery skies?
Right here.
Where is it when wild tigers lay down as serenely as clouds?
Right here.
Where is it when dolphins glide and swim through the heavens?
Right here.
Welcome to my imaginary world.

Yes, I still couldn't help myself; I just have to add animals. It's in my genes, I guess. xD
And I have to admit, I don't really care if I win or not in this contest, I had a heap of fun doing this, so in love with this I am. ;) Even though halfway doing this I freaked out, since I lost all the muse for it, but thank goodness it came back (just in time).

About the Work
When I saw the stock of the girl in kimono, I knew I just HAD to use it, but didn't know how. Chinese/Lunar New Year came along, as did the challenge from #CRPhotomanipulation, so I decided to use it for this. And since it's the year of the snake, I put that as the “terror” in this piece. Here she is portrayed more like the Greek goddess Hera, instead of the usual serene Japanese garden scene. Also, I added the castle at the last minute, to give it the “Castle in the Sky” feeling, while still pretty Western.

All in all, a mixture of two very different cultures.

Sky :: ~SimplyBackgrounds's [link]
Clouds :: ~Caltha-stock's [link]; ~ChainBound's [link]; ~Valentine-FOV-Stock's [link]; =Skybase's [link]; =Xcalibur86's [link]; ~manandjstocks's [link]
Castle :: *GothicBohemianStock's [link]
Pentacle :: =justalittleknotty's [link]
Girl :: ~aprilsheepstock's [link]
Tiger :: *Della-Stock's [link]
Snake :: ~Misa--Chan's [link]
Horse :: ~Syeiraxx's [link]
Dolphins :: ~Enchanted-Dreams's [link]; *Della-Stock's [link]
Textures :: !Fel182's [link]; ~i-see-faces's [link]
Everything else :: =MaidenStar

Comments and criticism are appreciate. Rudeness is not.

♦ =MaidenStar

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Beautiful! Really fantasmic!!!!!!!!!! :nod: :D
MaidenStar's avatar
Thank you! :heart: Is there anything you think that can be improved on?
Taures-15's avatar
:) You are asking so, I think maybe the snake could have been ghosted like the tiger and the horse.. Someone mentioned a dragon in the pic but I couldn't find it! I think the female figure with the high degree of detailing was detracted from by the awesome detailing and the up close effect of the snake, but all in all it was a good attention getter and in my opinion, that is a lot of what good art is, getting peeps attention long enough for them to actually see the pic.. :D
MaidenStar's avatar
Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind on my next manipulation! :heart:
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
Wonderful how you incorporate all the animals in this work, first I only noticed the snake/dragon, but then I saw more and even more, and so very nice to put the dolphins in the sky.
MaidenStar's avatar
Thank you! :heart: Is there anything you think that can be improved?
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
Most welcome.
I am not very technically skilled in manipulating, so I cannot give you any advice on that.
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That's fine. ^-^
Thanks again!
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Come at me Giant snake X333
this is beautifull XD
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