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WaCK foOl: 1

Would it make you guys feel better if I told you I was American and that the American stereotype is true and that's why I make fun of it?

And it begins....
Tristepin is the butt of the joke. How fun for him!

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xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
I know loads of people may have said this but...OMG YUGO'S FACE! XD
Drena-The-Eliatrope's avatar
Yugo's face during that entire thing, tho......
GVZMA's avatar
Yugo's face XD
LittleBearCub25's avatar
. . . I Died. . .

Wait. . .

Tristepin is reading. . .

Yugo is saying too many smart things. . .

This comic is way to funny. . .

Maiden-Chynna's avatar
Heheheh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
LittleBearCub25's avatar
It is my pleasure to enjoy the wonderful ignorance of logic, which is Wakfu.
Hergman's avatar
well, the way tristepin's name is pronounced in french, it can sound like "sad bread"

which much more funny
Martyna-Chan's avatar
Oh God :rofl: XDDDD I love this!
Jannet-fenix's avatar
Last two panels made best meme ever.

*patiently avoids topic of stupidity in the world*
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
I remember when it was a meme! That was great.
Jannet-fenix's avatar
Haha! Thanks to fact that I wanted to find it so badly, I learned how to use 4chan XD
Eliza-Aacher's avatar
Oh lol indeed. XD
KearaLemon's avatar
You're right, we're totally stupid!
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
KearaLemon's avatar
But just Americans, amirite?
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
I'm sure there are plenty of stupid non-americans as well.
KearaLemon's avatar
I'm glad you realize that. C:
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
And maybe not even the stereotype, but just the fact they changed his name.
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
It sounds like you were kind of offended by this comic when I was only making fun of the sterotype.
KearaLemon's avatar
Well, yes. A little bit, but it's not a huge deal.
Hues-of-emotion's avatar
I am american and I am NOT stupid!!! I am in the top of my VERY competitive class. I am in Latin, and in advanced math (could be double advanced, but I doubt they would let me). I am also top in my math class, and my global history/geography. I have even taught my teacher things and proved our textbook wrong multiple times. But, never mind my ranting. Wakfu is the coolest show ever. Oh, and, Tristepin is one of the easiest things to pronounce. It is pronounced like tris-tay-pawn, only the last syllable is sort of drawn out. "Tristepin" is cooler than "Sadlygrove".
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
I am also American and I am also not stupid. It just love stereotypes.

I also have no problem pronouncing Tristepin.
Hues-of-emotion's avatar
well in that case, please pardon my rant. I just couldnt help it. all those french people with their noses stuck up in the air. ok, that's another stereotype.oops.last year, we had a french exchange student who was absolutely one of the nicest people I have ever met.Also, we had a german exchange student who was cool. adn taught the boyscouts (who went on the supertrip)a fun game like simon says, only using your hands, so you can play while sitting down for meals.
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