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MSRDP pg 139

Mahou Shoujo Robotto Daft Punk
PG 139

:bulletred: Maiden-Chynna  :

Thomas, you're stronger then Joel. I mean, just push him over! Use your stronger-than-average-human robot-strength! Seriously!

:bulletblack: Dr-InSean :

Ever since I started writing on this book, a whole one chapter ago, I wanted to bring up that Thomas and Guy can transform into their suits easily, but Joel takes much longer by doing things the old fashioned way (i.e. getting dressed).  I can't remember how exactly, but we decided the best way to show this was to have Joel inconvenience everyone by delaying "playtime" while he goes find his toys.


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So intense it is like camping....

because intense sounds like in tents....

I'll see myself out...