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MSRDP pg 138

Mahou Shoujo Robotto Daft Punk
PG 138

:bulletred: Maiden-Chynna  :

Now, where were we?
Man I really love drawing these guys.

:bulletblack: Dr-InSean :

Pork rind?
Pork rind.


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All characters (c) themselves
Art and story (c) to Maiden-Chynna Dr-InSean


Made in Manga Studio 5
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© 2014 - 2022 Maiden-Chynna
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monochromatic13's avatar
What's happening now? Why are they not rushing to his aid? Why is he questioning fighting?

I like how they are bringing food into another restaurant. I did that with my Kung Fu people... we would take rice and other foods into Denny's... They were cool with it as long as we ordered something else too. haha
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
Really though, they should drop the happy meals and get to fighting.
monochromatic13's avatar
Yes, really. But, is that the message we want to send to children? That fighting is more important than food/eating/obesity?
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
...Hmmm... yes. Eat McDonalds is a better message. Violence is never the answer.
monochromatic13's avatar
True, unless it is the answer... What is an 8 letter word for physical act of aggression?
silverwolf-song's avatar
Don't just DO something STAND THERE!!
Eevee-Magican's avatar
^^' too bad none of them seemed to care about helping. but I like how no-one lost focus lol - none of the guests are watching the events either in the first panel :3 wish I had focus like that.

I like your comic so far, great job keep up the good work
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
They really should go help them out.

Thank you!
Dr-InSean's avatar
All of the guests are asleep.  I'm not sure anyone has enough focus to not look at two Venoms fight a robot.

If there IS someone like that then...damn.
Eevee-Magican's avatar
lol that is true - it would be very hard to resist.
E-Matt's avatar
Why would one bring food from a restaurant, to another one? :icongaspplz:
Maiden-Chynna's avatar
Cause they really weren't in the mood for Italian. Silly boys!
E-Matt's avatar
Should have just gone with Chinese :p
Dr-InSean's avatar
To stick it to the man.

Also, they didn't finish their food and were kinda hoping grab Guy and go.
Gih0636's avatar
Joel being himself :D
WarriorNun's avatar
Deku-Gamer-DA's avatar
What an awkward moment with the happy meal people.  XD
Good job too. =p
Deku-Gamer-DA's avatar
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