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MSRDP pg 137

Mahou Shoujo Robotto Daft Punk
PG 137

:bulletblack: Dr-InSean :

We were going to get the Kool-Aide Man to burst through the wall, but he was hanging out with Judge Fudge.  We asked if we could borrow him for just 5 minutes, but they were far too busy...being delicious.

:bulletred: Maiden-Chynna  :

Look, they can speak Link!


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All characters (c) themselves
Art and story (c) to Maiden-Chynna Dr-InSean


Made in Manga Studio 5
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Even though he is going to be killed by mutant sludge creatures, I still say Guy's restaurant choice was the better one. McDonald's is freakin' nasty, yo. 
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ha ha ha! happy meal boxes, that made my day!
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Happy meals! Happy meals for everyone!
goldash98's avatar
bahahahahahahahaha X'D :laughing:
monochromatic13's avatar
... uh... bad time?

Should we come back later?

... So uh... yeah.. How about them *Insert famous sports team here*?
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Happy Meals for the win...And for dinner.
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Aww man. they have happy meal boxes ;A;
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