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How To Fix Water Effect Tutorial

By MaiCroft
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Important info below

I HIGHLY recommend using Water version 5.4 which you can download here -> link :)

Also, in older versions of this effect, you don't need to/shouldn't change the name of textures folder.

I believe you can fix other effects as well with this method ^^ .

Model by Touko-P & tk
Stage by Kanihira
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Khassla's avatar
thx you it was really helpfull <3
LeopoldaKadic's avatar
it did not work all i have is black puddle
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Have you and MillyCat1123 tried to load a skydome in with the effect? It should reflect that.

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does this water version reflect shaders or do i need to modify the mirrorobject.fx file?
SinamunaP's avatar
It keeps wanting to be circular, and doesn't splash. :<
RainbowBunicorn's avatar
Finally got it to work, Thank you!! Just a quick question.... when I load up the puddle, its got a think white outline, while the middle area looks normal, plus its super qlitchy when the camera moves. 
Paco-kun7u7's avatar
Help me!
This tutorial has no help me, :(
Someone, HELP :'( by Paco-kun7u7
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I followed the directions, but the water is black when I load it in. :cry:
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You just need a skydome for the water to reflect off of. ^^
SailorMoonRocks01's avatar
Thank you!

I been struggling forever with water effects and now I can use them again!^^
TheTrapGenderXD's avatar
Thanks! Its helpful   Hatsune Miku-03 (Miku's Gift) Hatsune Miku-03 (Miku's Gift) 
BlueAquaWaters's avatar
It won't work for me! I followed the tutorial and it wouldn't even load! What did I do wrong?!
BlueAquaWaters's avatar
Never mind. I fixed it. Sweating a little... 
Aura-R2SF3's avatar
how to fix if this thing shows v_gaussian.fx error?
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After I upgraded my PC to a gamer PC with better graphics card, my 5.4 water suddenly started to appear as white box, I really loved that effect so I was extremely sad that I couldn't use t anymore...
Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! ; v ; My water effect is back!!! <3 ; 7 ;
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Sweet! Thanks!
Gauzzine's avatar
Thx bro Some of my effects don't work and their not in Japanese! Do ya know what's wrong?
Hibiscus-Lime's avatar
Is there a possibility that you can turn the water red, like have blood instead of clear liquid?
Skyeronpa's avatar
You'll have to change the texture of the water.
Hibiscus-Lime's avatar
I can't even remember when i said that but i dont think that works
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Thank you so much! This really helped me a lot :D
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