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016. Questioning

Nothing suspicious here. Nope. :ninja:

My submission for The 100 Shiznat Challenge.
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Questioning indeed hahaha XD
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shizuka-cat's avatar
hahaha, i loved iit !! just look at natsuki!! she's about to fall x'D!!
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:))) Brilliant!!! :))) XD
nursejoy7's avatar
ahahah XD Shizuru is so evil
Andu1991's avatar
'Go Natsuki it's safe, nothing will happen' xD
Nice idea, can't stop laughing ... ^^
Kail-Mello's avatar
kk, that's great! lol~ cute and funny at the same time ^^
MaiBad's avatar
D'aw, thanks. :hug:
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LOL!!! :lol: LOVE IT!!!

I wonder if Natsuki could try the same trick with Shizuru, using green tea for bait? :D

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Actually, that's a pretty fun idea! I may have to use it for my last stab at the 100 Shiznat challenge of it's okay with you. :please:
TarmaHartley's avatar

Sure, it's fine with me. Go right ahead. :)
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BWAHAHHA! *dies laughing*

*Now in a super scary ghost form~*

XDD Epic~
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Well, that's convincing enough for Natsuki xD
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I love shiznat
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