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Kawaii Faces Guide

:bulletpink: Kawaii Blobs' Facial Expression Guide :bulletpink:

While going through my files I found an old illustrator file which contained most of the Kawaii faces that I have been using. I decided to create a chart and make it available as a reference guide for other aspiring Kawaii artists out there. I hope this will be useful to them just as it was to me when I started out. There are still other types of faces that I couldn't fit into the chart, so I might be making another chart for those.

I will add more freebies, tutorials and guides in the future so be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

This image is not for sale and should only be used as a reference.

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Ok! So, The way that you thought of the expressions are spot on, but i think you should have made the faces for pink and blue different. Make them look like they at least have different personalities and characteristics, like for crying, you could make pink look a bit more sad (to exaggerate her femininity). Originality is low cause this has been done before, no question. Impact because, well it doesn't have a message, but it does help people as a ref. As for technique, I like how you drew everything (and your copy pastaa). But overall, i think it would really help people draw expressions better!
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thanks for the critique. I appreciate it. :heart:
as i have mentioned the faces came from an old file of mine and I just made a short chart on a whim. But I'll keep your comments in mind when I make another one in the future. :aww:
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^_^ Your welcome! I'm so glad that you were happy instead or angry and stuff x)
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why would I be angry? lol
i take constructive criticism pretty well ;)
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love it and thanks for sharing
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Omg thank you so much for this. I've been searching for a Kawaii faces guide for forever. Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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Now i can draw faces on my kawaii ( I never knew how ! ) AWesome job !!!!!!! *FAVS*
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:squee: Thanks so much for making this.
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thanks I needed ideas for faces XD
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this is very helpful for newbies like me..hehe
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This is a stupid question. What does kawaii mean
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I figured it out yesterday but thanks for answering
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this looks like it could be used to make a game where you can choose your pets color and then you battle other blobs and thats when the faces come in xD i saw the face, "pain" and saw that they close one eye, thats when i started to think of the idea xD
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It's so.......KAWAII!!!!! :iconsokawaiiplz:
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