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Animated gif -$20 (Promotion sale: Limited to 5 pieces)
AllenChorme gif by Mahsira Valtrix-gif by Mahsira Ji Kun flying gif by Mahsira

Color Sketch (without shade) -$10 (+$10 extra character)
Chibis Peacocks by Mahsira Kitten Doodle by Mahsira Some Pencil Sketches by Mahsira

Character + Simple Background -$25 (+$10 extra character)
Starflake by Mahsira Vemskark -full color drawing by Mahsira Leithster commission by Mahsira

Character + Detail Background -$40 (+$10 extra character)
Swing Under the Sunset by Mahsira Skoop and Carlos by Mahsira Pumpkin Candy by Mahsira

Character Sticker -$5 (Promotion sale: Limited to 20 pieces)
Summer Time by Mahsira Sticker Design - fall in love by Mahsira more example…


How do you pay?

- You can pay cash through PayPal

What type of art do you draw?

- I draw digital character drawings, either with or without a background, and animated gifs. If you have interests in other projects, feel free to contact me! We can discuss the options :D

How long will it take you to complete a commission?

- It depends on the kind of art you requested. Generally speaking simple drawings with simple backgrounds should take 1-2 days, while complex backgrounds and animated gifs will take 3-4 days. If a lot of commissions are requested at once, it may take a bit longer.

Can I pay with points?

- Not at the moment, sorry. If I run out of stock on points I’ll be sure to make an update, so stay tuned to my journals ;3

My Character

Mahsira ref by MahsiraMahsira
Pin ref by MahsiraPin
Pon ref by MahsiraPon
TBD ref by MahsiraThat.Bad.Dream
Vemskark reference by MahsiraVemskark
Mistery reference 2014 by MahsiraMistery
H2O the Glameow by MahsiraH2O the Glameow
Revanche the Gardevoir by MahsiraRevanche the Gardevoir
Catalya by MahsiraCatelya the bunny detective
Heidi reference by MahsiraHeidi the harpy

To Do List

:star-empty:haven't start yet
:star-half:in progress
:star:done the part
:star::star::star:Done !

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A whole new reskin

Wed Sep 5, 2018, 5:42 PM

  Hello everyone~! I finally managed to write an update after almost a year. ^^;   

I hope all of you are doing fine and are still here to be able to read this lol. Last time I wrote a journal I was still at school and planning for my graduation animation. It was a very tough time and a lot of drama happened all the while. Fortunately, I was able to pull through and complete the animation just in time and managed to graduate successfully! (Yay!) ^____^ 
  But I don't have much time to celebrate afterward as I'm no longer a student anym
ore, so it's time to stop messing around and FIND A JOB. xD
  After searching for a job position for a while, I started realizing how much harder it is than I thought...  
  I want be an animator or concept artist in some animation studio, but right now there aren’t many studios open for hiring. So for the moment I just hope the future will go a little smoother. 

Reskin, New Character:

  Although I have a lot to do after graduating I also spent some time to revive my page lol. Firstly I proudly introduce the whole new skin of my deviantart page! xD Mahsira has received a whole new outfit that is inspired by steampunk and art deco (which are my favorite styles!). Mahsira's pupils now got a cross star instead of a cartoony star, so don’t be shy to tell me whether you like it. :3
  If you check my gallery, you can also notice that I have redesigned the buttons as well. :D (I hope you don't have an allergy to flowers :v)

Special Thanks:
  Also, a special thanks to my bro :iconpikach333: for helping me so much with this new re
skin! :'D He also has been a huge support around this year, since I don't know if I could have graduated without his mental support. xD 
  In return, we created his personal OC.... so give your applause to 
Lüna! Luna by Mahsira

He's a black cat with moon shaped pupils similar to Mahsira and will be standing by his side like bros! >=3 

  I still got a lot to update in the future, such as my characters’ names and designs like Pin and Pon’s long outdated designs on my page. xDD I will make a new one for both of them. 


  ***Also I’m considering reopening the commissions very soon! Currently I'm readjusting the prices and some minor details about the rules. Stick around, since there will be a special discount for the first few takers! ;3*** 

New Art management:

  Sorry for the lack of uploads for over a year. The reason I didn't post much on this page is because I wanted to post only the best drawings to my abilities. Due to school most of my drawings are just doodles or sketches, which I don't think is good enough for DA.
  If you want to see more casual and free doodles from me, I'd suggest to follow me on Facebook
[link] , but more polished drawings and commission art will be posted on DA. 

  In any case, it's been so long that I don't even know who is still active anymore xD, so leave a comment below if you feel like saying HI!. I wish we can be as active as in the old days :)) 

Mahsira :3 

What do you want to see more from me? 

26 deviants said Character Artwork
24 deviants said Animation
4 deviants said Commission
3 deviants said Other...

About Me

Starflake by Mahsira
How liquid roll by Mahsira


Kiwi Chen(Mahsira)


2nd Sep




Hybrid(70%Cat 20%Bird 10%Liquid)

I LIke:

Photography ,Bird watching, Eat ,Handicraft
Hello! I am Mahsira!
I like to draw animal-themed drawings and exploring all sorts of new styles. I am glad to be back on DeviantArt and I’d be more than happy if you guys could leave comments and suggestions for my art! I also love creating animations – Anything from smaller to larger gifs to full story animations. I’ve recently graduated at the School of Visual Arts and would love to share my ideas with you and I would gladly take up commissions. If you feel like making fan art, I’d be flattered if you drew my characters in any way you want :D

Stuff that I do

I draw any type of theme – humans, animals, sceneries and even animations! I’ve recently started a redbubble page as well, so if you want to check it out look no further than this link:…

Contact Me

I’d be more than happy to make new friends and to meet my fans! :D
So feel free to add me on:
Discord: Mahsira#1142

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Pixel Mahsira by Mahsira

Awesome fanart <3


:iconwelovesweetlullaby: :iconchristmas-surprise: :iconmasakari-fanclub: :iconfurry-pikis:



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