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Mega Aurorus

Hey !!

Here's a little something I did a couple weeks back for the fella that runs (this guy! :iconmonstermmorpg: ). A Mega Aurorus design for his site. B)

I also contributed a few other Pokemon pictures for use on the site, so if you're a player there, keep an eye out for them!

art and design belong to me!
Aurorus and Pokemon belong to nintendo/gamefreak
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Ooooh, I love it! :D
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uwaaahh ;w; so gorgeous omg looks so regal <3
MahoxyShoujo's avatar
thanks! glad you like it ! ;w;
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love this fossil since it was in corocoro 
kiraradaisuki's avatar an Amara/Aurorus fan..this would be a fan's wish come true. (I want a Mega Serperior too) XD
MahoxyShoujo's avatar
haha yeah it'd be soooo nice if there really was one. 
I really want a Mega Serperior alsooooo ;-;
kiraradaisuki's avatar
A Mega Delphox would look cool too ^^
SilverWolfGirlGlacia's avatar
That looks so amazing! I never thought of a Mega Aurorus but now I do and I wish it was something like that
MahoxyShoujo's avatar
yeah it'd be nice if it got a mega !! 
I need more pretty mega Pokemon ;-;

thank you !!!
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I know how you feel. I got so stoked on seeing new Megas in S&M,like Mega Milotic,Flygon and the Johto starters,but alas my dreams are shattered ;n;

Yw ^^
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yes !! you're welcome. I know I sent it to you before, but  I had forgotten to post it !
thank you to you, too.c:
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That looks awesome.
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Ok I'm ok with that being a thing owob it could have increased special defense or have solid rock or something owo
MahoxyShoujo's avatar
a Mega Aurorus would be super great!! I agree *-* 
haha yeah x)
DarkGlacialKnight's avatar
I almost want it as much as mega Eeveelutions X3

also...hope my "Makes me wanna do a yuri ship with you" comments didn't creep ya out .w.;
MahoxyShoujo's avatar
yeah haha
I just want more megas in general... im bummed about no Mega Typhlosion or Mega Serperior..</3

nah it didn't creep me out, I just don't really know what to reply to that lmao;; 
DarkGlacialKnight's avatar
as I said, I want my mega Eevees ;w;
Though had a cool edditon to Auroros idea ESPECIALLY with Solid Rock: Instead of Rock/Ice, Rock Steel owo

And ah, totally understandable owo;b still comforting that you weren't creeped out by it owo;;b
Princess-Eevee9's avatar
Aurorus not having its Ice typing is stupid, nothing about the design says"Hi I'm a Steel type" and why would you go from one so so typing to another dear Arceus above what made you do this? The problem with Aurorus is Movepool and weird stats that don't take advantage of its okay typing. Mega is not the way to go when you can give it another Evolution or an Alolan Form which are the better of the two.
DarkGlacialKnight's avatar
geez I didn't mean to offend you with something I was just spitballing about
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