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{Lolita Wear} Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara {Lolita Wear} Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 4 4 {Sailor Soldier Reference} Sailor Anjera by MahouChikara {Sailor Soldier Reference} Sailor Anjera :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 7 Reference: Chikara Yugana by MahouChikara Reference: Chikara Yugana :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 13 Chibis: Anjera Royal Family by MahouChikara Chibis: Anjera Royal Family :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 4 0 {Royal Wear} Queen Ophelia by MahouChikara {Royal Wear} Queen Ophelia :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 4 9 {Royal Wear} Princess Ophelia by MahouChikara {Royal Wear} Princess Ophelia :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 5 4 {Bridal Gown} Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara {Bridal Gown} Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 7 0 {Casual Wear} Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara {Casual Wear} Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 5 6 {School Uniform} Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara {School Uniform} Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 16 Reference Sheet: Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara Reference Sheet: Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 0 Crystal: Celestial Moon and Estelle by MahouChikara Crystal: Celestial Moon and Estelle :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 10 2 Forms of Teikaen by MahouChikara Forms of Teikaen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 8 38 Chibi: Kyokkai by MahouChikara Chibi: Kyokkai :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 0 Reference Sheet: Queen Magnolia by MahouChikara Reference Sheet: Queen Magnolia :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 9 2 Reference Sheet: Princess Magnolia by MahouChikara Reference Sheet: Princess Magnolia :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 10 0 Crystal: Sailor Sun and Princess Solarity by MahouChikara Crystal: Sailor Sun and Princess Solarity :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 9 4


Magic Creativity - XP PEN Deco 02 + video by BluAjisai Magic Creativity - XP PEN Deco 02 + video :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 76 9 Couple Base 2 by ace-of-base Couple Base 2 :iconace-of-base:ace-of-base 3,767 786 Secret Santa:Sailor Turquoise Aralez by charreddragonchi Secret Santa:Sailor Turquoise Aralez :iconcharreddragonchi:charreddragonchi 6 0
Sailor Soldier Profile Template
CIVILIAN NAME / SAILOR NAME                                                                                                                         
The Civilian
Name meaning:
First name meaning here.
Surname meaning here.
Star sign:
:iconprincess-of-asteria:Princess-of-Asteria 13 6
Babies Base by Stray-And-Kiri-Bases Babies Base :iconstray-and-kiri-bases:Stray-And-Kiri-Bases 193 10 Baby Base 5 by basesforthebest Baby Base 5 :iconbasesforthebest:basesforthebest 181 18 Art trade with MahouChikara by senshi-of-legend Art trade with MahouChikara :iconsenshi-of-legend:senshi-of-legend 6 3 Sailor Spoon 4 by Hauu123 Sailor Spoon 4 :iconhauu123:Hauu123 10 0 Sailor Moon group by Hauu123 Sailor Moon group :iconhauu123:Hauu123 17 0 Adopt Amalthea #04 - CLOSED by BluAjisai Adopt Amalthea #04 - CLOSED :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 74 21 Heartstring Base F2U by Shotze Heartstring Base F2U :iconshotze:Shotze 2,052 183 Sailor Mars - Elysium by BluAjisai Sailor Mars - Elysium :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 202 21 Sailor Venus - Elysium by BluAjisai Sailor Venus - Elysium :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 78 10 Sailor Jupiter - Elysium by BluAjisai Sailor Jupiter - Elysium :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 126 20 Sailor Mercury - Elysium by BluAjisai Sailor Mercury - Elysium :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 209 29 Sailor Moon - Elysium [+VIDEO] by BluAjisai Sailor Moon - Elysium [+VIDEO] :iconbluajisai:BluAjisai 414 35




{Lolita Wear} Mikomi Yogen
Aww!! Isn't Mikomi look so adorable?

This is an particular outfit Mikomi wears alongside with Miyabita for an Halloween event. Mikomi was always a bit nervous on certain types of outfits and this is one of them because on how it sends signals towards the males at her school or anywhere. Due to how males behave around Mikomi, she shuts down and tries to dispel them but it backfires. With one of her classmate; Kurai, is more complex and she doesn't like how he treats Aaron directly and his flirty ways towards her.

With this kind of outfit, Mikomi feels exposed to show off her sexy side but with an innocent vibe. The outfit itself is an Sweet Lolita in soft color, strapless short dress with off-shoulder short sleeves. I kept those amazing shoes from her old design and it looks pretty cute on her. To top it off wears an headband with bows on each side and a bow choker. Her friend; Miyabita, wears a similar outfit but in dark bold colors.

Mikomi: Why, do I have to wear this? I mean.. *she blushes nervously* It's a pretty cute outfit and all but I have to be expose by wearing this in front of the guys.

Me: Come on Mikomi.. It looks really cute on you and you're to innocent. I bet Aaron will enjoy seeing you in this tonight. *winks*

Mikomi: *her face reddens* No!! He shouldn't see it but..

Mikomi is mine
Base (c) :icondnya:
{Sailor Soldier Reference} Sailor Anjera
Oh my goodness!!
She looks stunning and much better from her previous design:

With this new timeline, Mikomi has gotten a new appearance to an improved senshi attire with soft colors due to the rank she's in. Her old name was Chiyu but then I quickly realized that it didn't worked out in the end. Since with this new design and all, it needed an better name and thus Anjera came to the picture. Because she is known for being called "Angelic" , I wanted to focus the type of person she is which she's the leader of a team of mages called "Superus". She has the power of white magic which are known to be supportive with a bit with offense attacks if she's not on the side lines.

When Mikomi transforms into Sailor Anjera, her hair becomes loose and is styled into a sided wavy high ponytail in the color of soft light blue to conceal her identity. 

Now onto her new design, this was quite a challenge from the direction when I first did her old design. I wanted to keep some parts from the old design and tweeted it to the new look. Now she no longer had those dark colors like before and went to the softer pastel colors instead because she's a white mage. The metal in her design is gold to contrast with the light colors and since the gemstone she's wearing is an Opal. Out of all the girls, she gets the long skirt dress while the others keep an similar style to hers but with their own type which will contrast Anjera. Meaning that the girls will have like different gemstones, footwear, accessories. In the reference, you can a closer view of her earrings, the hair piece she wears on top, and a circlet. I really love seeing her wear an tassel belt which holds those long feathers. ^^

This is her standard form as she grows stronger, she'll gain a stronger form.

Sailor Anjera is mine
Base (c) :icondnya:
Opal (c) Google
Reference: Chikara Yugana
Aww my precious is back with a simple reference..
Here, it shows a closer view of the earrings which are hidden under her bangs and a tattoo on the upper back. The only thing that's not included here is her weapon.

This is Chikara Yugana; a skilled mage with incredible magical attributes and intelligent. She's been my mascot since I developed her through high school but had minor changes through the years. Now, she's in a story called "Risen Disturbance" alongside with her childhood friend; Inari Kitsumaro and a woman she's known to be rival; Talon. Later on, Chikara knows all too well she has feelings for Inari but a hidden feeling lingers for her rival.

Chikara is mine
Base (c) :icondnya:
Texture (c) :iconfrostbo:
Chibis: Anjera Royal Family
Yay!! New fresh chibis to show off the Royal Family.. ^^
Now then, theirs a lot of changes going on and I'll break it down to you all..

Anjera is the new name where Ophelia and her family resides as it's replaced by the old planet name; Chiyu. The planet itself is the home of angelic inhabitants that harness magical powers. More about it is in the works..

Princess Athanasia
Athanasia is the eldest daughter to Aurelia and Empyrean, and the older twin sister to Ophelia. She's known to have her mother's warm heart and enjoys her time being with Ophelia and loves teasing her from to time. She's prefers to be called Ana for short by formalities and is often the supportive type. Between the two sisters, she gets easily into trouble by their father's overprotective nature and willingly favors Ophelia to have her back. 

Her appearance is very different then her sister, due to her hair being mixed by her parents and shares her father's eyes. Her symbol is a bit darker then her mother and sister.

King Empyrean
Empyrean is Aurelia's husband and father to twin daughters; Athanasia and Ophelia. He's an honorable man with protective issues towards his daughters and always have his trusted adviser Vydarr to protect them by his order. Strong and caring towards his people and his family as he never backs down on his word by anyone, but it can change very quickly if someone were to betray his trust and he'll strike.

I love his new design and name as it looks so much better then his previous design as well as his old name which was Kixuto.

Queen Aurelia
Aurelia is Empyrean's wife and mother to Athanasia and Ophelia. She's very elegant and compassionate with a big heart. Like her predecessors, she inherits strong magical abilities which her youngest daughter Ophelia inherits. Aurelia is warming towards the people and uses her powers for the greater good which she observes a lot of similarities  of Ophelia's display and kindness. She has visions upon her daughter's futures and hopes that they'll find their purpose in life.

Again, I LOVE this new design of her. This will be her official design and name as to her previous name; Naiya needed a good improvement. She even gets a new staff. ^^

Princess Ophelia
Ophelia is the youngest daughter to Aurelia and Empyrean, and the younger twin sister to Athanasia. She's a spit image of her father but has her mother's eyes, personality and special ability. She's the sweetest girl with an incredible power that everyone idolize as to her beauty that the guys are swoon to but it's not always easy to get close to the princess under the eyes of her father and her guardian; Vydarr. Ophelia is the type of person who wants to do for the greater good in life whether it be something generous to give back to the people to her planet and many others out there, or her singing which soothes the person's auras that needed guidance. She is loved by her family and willing to make them proud on the journey that'll take her in life. She falls in love with Caelestis Solas; prince of Arcania.

Athanasia, Empyrean, Aurelia, and Ophelia are mine
Caelestis Solas (c) :iconladyofnemesis:
Base (c) :iconmew-ninjin:
Opal (c) Google
{Royal Wear} Queen Ophelia
Oh wow!!
This had an major improvement then her previous design. This is Mikomi's future self when she becomes Queen and she looks regal when she matures.
The minor designs were brought out from previous characters since I love some parts to include it into her queen attire. She still keeps her feathered dress with more details added as the colors themselves were from her princess attire. Theirs some parts are missing that needs to be included, but from what I was trying to do was to show you each parts to her new appearance without the possibility of making it into a huge file.

Ophelia's desire has brought peace after a horrific ordeal of countless battles and therefore has become a stronger person and will forever do anything for the greater good in life. As she matures, Ophelia married Caelestis Solas in Arcania due to a promise she made to him and therefore she'll do anything to make him happy till eternity. During the years, they become parents to three children. As queen, she's a angelic leader who loves to bring out the goodness for a bright future. She's become protective towards her family but loves every moment with her love and is devoted onto her role and the ambition she'll hold dearly to protect her love ones.

On the closer reference, you can see the back of her hair looks like. Her hair is a very soft blue-white in color and is worn loose. The dress itself is a huge change from her previous design but I wanted to keep the concept of feathers into the new design. The design on her dress have opal stones which she favors a lot in her attire. The symbol remains the same but in a lighter tone. Upon close view, shows her earrings which are hidden under her bangs. As queen, she doesn't favor crowns but prefers headdress instead. In this form, she gains large angel wings which she hardly shows around in public, but only uses it in desire needs.

Ophelia is mine
Caelestis Solas (c) :iconladyofnemesis:
Base (c) :icondnya:
Opal (c) Google


Loves Leucetios :3
United States
My name is Alexandra a.k.a Chikara; and I love to make friends here.

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Anime or Video Game Songs
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Blank Editing and Pixeling
Operating System: PS 3
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Any Anime or Video Game Characters
Skin of choice: Light Tan
Personal Quote: "I will find a way to be with my bf."

Fall Clean Up

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2018, 11:20 PM
Wow!! What time flies to finally post a journal here.

Everything has been alittle difficult for me but I'm still hanging in there like always. Like the title said, I'm doing an minor fall cleaning to re-organized folders in the gallery. It's been ages since it got like this but now it's time for some fresh air.

One of my team senshis "Superus" that I've been currently doing is getting an makeover. Hopefully in due time, they'll be release to show off their look. Their are other characters of mine that will be remained by their current design while others are getting improved so bear with me.

Who knows how long that I'll be fixing this.

When was the last time had we did an spring cleaning? ^^

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