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tutorial origami: kunai



I've made a new Kunai tutorial, the diagrams are in pictures, so it will be more easier!
Please visit: [Link]

EDIT!! Hello! I just want to say, there is a new version of,
Origami Tutorial Kunai!
Do you want to see it?
Go to my Gallery, or click to this [Link]

~yaay!! It's finally here!

The tutorial: 'how to make an origami kunai'!
Sorry for the people who waiting so long,
I'm very busy, you know... school, sport... ^^

If you want to see how it looks in it real...
[Link] <--- please click! ^^

So, here is it...
I hope everone can understand it,
even for me, to make a paper kunai is 'hard'!
and I make origami 9 years!! (O.o' )


Note: Use a thin and big piece of paper,
because it become finally 'thick' (the handgrip)...
and it would makes you more easier to fold it! ;P

[Note]do you want to stipulate
'how long your kunai would be'

The formula is:
the horizontal side of the piece of paper you use, would be the total horizontal cm of your kunai, and the vertical side of the piece of paper,
would be share in 3 parts...

for example: If you use a piece of paper of 15cm by 15cm,
the harizontal side of the kunai would be 15cm,
and the vertical side of the kunai would be (15:3) 5cm...

If you have questions, please aks! :)


#NOTE: I see many people can't get further than step 13,
so I thougt... I'll try to make a photo of step 13, so people who don't get it can see...
Coming soon! :XD:
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Step 13 was easy, it's step 15 I don't get.