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:tea:  Hello, and Welcome to Mahou Majestea!  :tea:

This Bulletin Board will be the hub for all of the group's events and activities! It will be updated as new information comes out on upcoming Plot events, Battles, Activity Checks, and other things like that.
This is also the place to go for Roomie Sign Ups, so check back often!

:tea:  Announcements  :tea:

Sorry, there will be no sequel.

:tea: TBA :tea:

:tea:  BATTLES  :tea:  




:tea:  Roomie Signups  :tea:  

Roomies may be chosen voluntarily, if 2 members consent to putting their characters together in one room. Please comment with the two roomies if this is your situation! Your characters will be assigned to the first, second, or third floor of the dorm building.

Another option, if you don't have someone in mind for a roommate, is to enter the Roommate Raffle! You can comment below to enter your character, and they'll get paired off with other characters who enter the raffle or have an open spot due to a previous roommate moving.

Roomie assignment is always open!

:bulletgreen: Current Room Assignments:

Dhalia Alizea -- Single Room -- 3rd floor
Maria Rose -- Single Room -- 3rd floor
Coralie Vincent and Misaki Hinata -- 3rd floor
Shouka Miyake and Ceres Diometi -- 3rd floor
Aeron Sinclair-Colsoano and Luna Costanza -- 3rd floor

Valeriya Karev and Ruth Marble -- 2nd floor
Nadia Nah and Cassiopeia Alkaios -- 2nd floor
Xanthe Radu and Izana Kurokawa -- 2nd floor
Rin Wong and Vee Rodriguez -- 2nd floor

Rhonwyn Griffiths and Emile Blake Hart -- 1st floor
Camellia DeRosa and Baby Madaki -- 1st floor
Kiki Chase and Safia Sauda Alexander -- 1st floor
Raven Adelinda and Artemisia Silveira -- 1st floor

Alumni Dorms:
Silvia Everhart
Suzanne Bellamy
Jacqueline Smythe

:bulletgreen: Roommate Raffle:
Natalie Jones
Alyce Watson

Source material from mahou-fiori
More Journal Entries


:tea: AGES 15+ ONLY :tea:

:bulletgreen: Please be aware that our group may contain some potentially mature and non-trigger-friendly themes. :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Our OOC chatroom is Discord based and open to members only! If you want to be added, you can send the group a note with your Discord name and number and one of the mods will contact you.

:bulletgreen: Our room for battles and events is Chatzy based, and also available to members only. The link to the Chatzy can be found below; you can note the group or ask in the Discord Server to get the password!

:bulletgreen: If you have questions, please feel free to note the group! :heart:






Please feel free to request an affiliation if you are an RP group!
An Alternative Universe and Sequel to
:star: :iconmahou-fiori: :star:

Buddy Groups

Gallery Folders

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Royal Teas
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Majestea Application: Caerrie by FeatheryJustice
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Reference Sheets
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Majesty Forms
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Side Quests
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Honors Submissions
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AU Artworks and OOC
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Blank Memes
Mahou Majestea: Movie Meme by Bluespryte
Completed Memes
:MM: Pom-Pom's tea spirit appreciation meme by KnoxyB
RP Logs
MM: FINAL BATTLE -- LOG by Bluespryte



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