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Yami you wanted it, you have it. :la:

Yes at first I didn't want to post it because I used a photo ref and was kinda ashamed because it's not like I did everything by myself but... I like the result very much -let's say I'm kinda in love with the result... *_*- and proud of it nevertheless. DA is for my best pics after all.

That's Brie, obvisouly. :heart:
:thumb161161918: :thumb40803820: :thumb265556232:

Another version :
I couldn't choose. T_T


Art and character (c) me
Textures by Princess-of-Shadows
Photo ref :…
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I thought I had left a comment on this, but apparently not!  I think this is one of THE coolest things I've ever seen anyone do with my stock photos and I have featured it on the front page of my gallery.<3

Fantastic use of reference and you've done so well to make this your own and give it personality.  I also love your character's design!  As a professional artist myself, I will encourage you to *not* be ashamed to use photo reference.  Pro artists do it all the time.  Using it well takes talent and it can make the different between an okay pic and an amazing pic.  Reference helps and is essential to an illustrator's workflow.

Again, great job!  I'm going to go look at more of this character now. She's awesome!
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Thank you so much for your comment, even late!
I'm very pleased to hear from you, as the original author of the photo. :D
After all this time, this picture is still one of my favs. I fell in love with the photo to begin with, maybe that's the reason.

I can't say enough how happy I am to hear it's one of the best things you had received from your stock. :heart: Thank you!

I'll use photos more with less shame now indeed. A lot of people told me the same thing and it's reassuring.
Thanks for liking my character too! :heart:
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Raaah! j'avais commencé un commentaire et j'ai fait une fausse manip, grrr, je dois tout recommencer.

(re) Mucha, Klimt, Norman Rockwell etc... tous ont utilisé la photo comme support.

Primo un artiste n'a ainsi pas à payer un modèle vivant pour venir faire des poses. Secondo les photos étant déjà en 2D il n'a pas à convertir par la technique et la raison un objet ou une personne 3D en 2D, n'oublions pas que les règles de la perspective n'ont été comprises qu'à la renaissance par un procédé photo.

Si l'artiste n'apprend pas avec un modèle 2D ou 3D, comment veux-tu qu'il dessine une personne ou une perspective convenablement?

Il faut avoir beaucoup dessiné pour se passer de modèle photo.
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Merci pour ton commentaire encourageant et rassurant! Désolée que tu aies du le retaper deux fois. :\

Je savais que Mucha qui a inspiré tant de monde (et que j apprecie moi même beaucoup) utilisait la photo comme support.

Je vais continuer a utiliser des photos sans trop culpabiliser alors. ^^
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Il est super classe !^^
Et y a pas de mal à utiliser des références photos. Le rendu est très chouette ;)
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Merci beaucoup !! :love:
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Omg this looks so amazing you are an awesome artist
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Oh thank you for the nice comment. (and for the watch too :hug: )
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I want to marry him *q*
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He's very flattered.:D
Thank you.
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Il est très très cool et il n'y a aucun mal à utiliser des refs.
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Merci mon bouchon. :love::hug:
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Nan mais c'est cool, content que tu le montre :D.
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Merciiiii! Et pour le fav aussi. :3 :hug:
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de rien!! Il le méritait grave!! ♥
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Your amazing work has been featured in my journal [link]

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Thank you dear! :blowkiss:
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