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Shadowland: Power Man 3 Pg9

The Deadly Nightshade likes to keep her men in order.
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What kind of pencils you used?
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Amazing background in the first panel, the lines really draw your eyes in beautifully.
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As always Supa Amazing!!!

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Gorgeous face - nice job.
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looks good!!!!!
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a beautifully crafted page!
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O.o She sure doe look like Minnie Mouse with that hair =P
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Much as I miss the black leather bikini, this definitely works for Nightshade.
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I love Nightshade's new look. Very nice
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I've always wondered.

What are those tiny X's for?
Also, what is the typical space you leave for the borders?
(I'm trying to start a comic myself.)
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Got here late. Thankfully kind people replied you before my lazy ass.
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And the border is called "bleed area", it's where in the printing process it will be cutted off.
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The "X's" are usually to indicate where to place sections of Black inks.
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