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NYCC 2011 Steampunk Batgirl

By MahmudAsrar
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Another steampunk themed commission. This one is Stephanie Brown Batgirl. Fun stuff.
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Looks great, love the background!
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This steampunk is a good one. Congrats
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Wow I really like the steampunk looks
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Wonderful, great work =D
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I think you should've drawn Cassandra Cain's Batgirl like that.
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I wonder what a Steampunk Cassandra Cain would look like? the oriental/ninja style steampunk era themes would be interesting... maybe taking some influence from japanese and chinese sailboats? y'know the sort of segmented batlike sails?
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everything about this is perfect
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Quite keen on this =)
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The second greatest idea someone got for a commission, I guess ?
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Heh. Yeah, I suppose.
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Absolutely one of the best concepts I've ever seen.
Especially since I just adore both steampunk fashion and Stephanie Brown!
Beautifully done!
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Very impressive work and I can definitely see this character embracing the steampunk style.
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Stephanie Brown + Steampunk? Yes Please! Love the style here. I think I'm going to have to make sure to watch you!
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Reminds me of Batman from JSA: The Liberty Files! Really awesome.
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la primera batgirl grandioso =)
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I love it sooooo much!
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Your costume designs continue to astound me...
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Corset! I'm digging the form of the cape.
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