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30-60-90 Batwoman

By MahmudAsrar
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Inspired to do this 60 minute sketch from JH Williams' rendition of Kane on Detective Comics. I always thought Batwoman was a cool character. Good to see DC will be exploring more of her now.
That said, I really am disappointed on how this turned out because it ended up like anything that I normally do. Couldn't experiment much so hopefully the next addition to 30-60-90 will be something different both in technique and concept.
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I'm pretty sure villains r more afraid of her than of batman, batman beat them up but he has restraint, she has no restraint she will beat u with in an inch of ur life
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Her face is busted
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Is that she throws instead of batrangs?
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Amazing illustration! I love her self confidence. And yes, your style does pay tribute to the original rendition :D
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Holy CRAP that is amazing. :D
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This is great!
Love the shiny outfit and detail on the belt!
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i absolutely LOVE this, thanks so much for drawing and showing us ur work!
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she looks so cool :) nice work ;)
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Veeeeery nice, a great tribute to Williams's version. :D
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hum ; no really , when you say you haven't experimented that much, i'm not sure ;it has the feeling of the JHW III's one :)
but hell trying to be close to what this guy does,that what I call challange ! :lol:

Hey, see ya in september for the paris/manga con then ?!
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Thanks! Yeah, I'll be there if things go well. See you there.
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cool! and this time i'll be in the same side of the table than you :lol:
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Yeah! That's awesome.
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Oh dude. That is love!
The JH Williams version of this character is really solid, and you pulled it off great. :D
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Tek kelimeyle harika olmuş. JH Williams'a 2006'dan beri ortada boş boş gezinen Batwoman'ı bir anda DC'nin en karizma hatunları arasına soktuğu için mi,yoksa bu derece iyi çizimlere ilham kaynağı olduğu için mi teşekkür edeyim bilemedim.
Batwoman'ın düşmanı Alice'i de görmek isteriz ;)
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Teşekkür ederim.
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Yalnız çizimde bir yanlışlık saptadım 30-60-90 yerine 90-60-90 olmuş :D şaka bi yana harika abi :D
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