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Plain for 8.1

#Read the description carefully before install or asking questions.

*Create a restore point (recommended).
*Patch your system files using UltraUXThemePatcher (recommended).
*Use OldNewExplorer. (settings)
*Use Tiny Windows Borders.
*Use Aero Glass for the aero feature. (settings)
*Copy the files from "Plain" folder to this path "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes".
*Go to desktop and apply the theme.

*Plain for PotPlayer
*I'm working on a dark version currently.
*Tested on Windows 8.1 Enterprise.
*All taskbars are supported.

*Taskbar icons Flataps (more coming soon).

Inspired from the concept Notepad++ by RDTSOD.

© 2015 - 2021 Mahm0udWally
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yeah man you here only for Jolie :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Can u tell me how to remove the "aero glass for win 8.1" watermark from the desktop pls ...?
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You need to buy a licence for the software.
Any idea on how to fix this issue? The gray background behind titles have been driving me insane since I installed your VS.

Any help would be appreciated, great work btw!
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You need to install AeroGlass.
would you make a full video tutorial starting from scratch for windows 10 :)
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This won't work on Windows 10
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This looks wicked. Do you have a grey-ish one?
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Wow this is a nice theme great work here!  I can't wait for the dark theme, hopefully it gets integrated to the theme.

Culls's avatar
How you made that preview image that big ?
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Might I ask how did you go about creating this? Are there any links to tutorials in getting started? I can only find tutorials on how to install themes but not actually create them.
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Nice vs Style :D
SabinaKlk's avatar
the download button doesnt work for me.. :/
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Try right click and "Save link as..."
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If you manage to make a small height taskbar (even smaller, like those of 22px height) im following to get an update.
Is this possible?
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Alright, this patcher didnt work for me, found another one which worked.

About the theme now :D
You're the first one to actually make an effort making a thin taskbar and i really appreciate that!

Some things i noticed (see screenshots).

1) Title bar's buttons minimize, close, maximize, should be fixed. When i select 9 size to match the taskbar's height, they're kinda misplaced.

2) Right click menu, feels strange and the selection is not so clear (i think that hovered item should be more in contrast). Checkboxes feel small too).

As for aesthetics, i believe titlebar would be better if completely black like the taskbar, with white font. Is there any way i can help you with these?
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Caption buttons are in large size so it will not suit small title bar, I'll try to make a different highlight color for context menu.
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Would you mind if i make you some buttons (min, max, close) scaled down to small sized title bar?
Isn't it possible?

Black titlebar also suits better with this theme.

Oh something else! When i get a message on skype, taskbar's button doesnt blink highlighted as on stock theme :(
Cant see that i have a message, color stays black!
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I'll try to make the changes for you, but it'll take some time.
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i'll bookmark your theme, so i can see what's going on too!
If you need any help, i can help you with Photoshop.
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