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This is my first visual style ever so, sorry if there are any bugs.
Hope you like it 

How to use:
* First patch your system by UxStyle
* Copy the contents of [Theme] folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
* Active the theme from Personalize
* Change the start orb by Windows 7 Start Orb Changer
* Change the navigation buttons by Win 7 Nav Buttons Customizer

* The supported taskbars is Top and Bottom small and large
* Drives icons All Flat Drives
* Taskbar icons Squareplex

Changes log

29th Septemper
* Fixed some wrong images & text colors

23th Septemper 
* Fixed highlight and select colors
* Fixed some other bugs

Thanks to:
Giro54 for the base theme Aero+
xhoOp for the wallpaper Coasto
submicron for the preview display Apple Thunderbolt Display
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