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[edit; the damn thing is animated, so you're not gonna see what it looks like thumbnailed. Just thought I'd clear that up.]
My deviant art ID. As said, 100% photoshop. No other programs or external filters.

For people who really want to know how it's done, there's a FAQ on it, here [link] . You can also download some *.PSD's from it, too.

Please, if you have any questions, refer to the FAQ first. That's where it's for. I'm glad to help, but I get a lot of similiar questions about it.
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This looks much like the effect I see in Anime ([link])

How does one do that? I've been trying to figure it out for quite some time o_o
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well, awesome idea, I just love it, fire looks good but u waste it IMO
You could do that wood element with your name, age etc. is burning, dark doesn't fot there, add some life to it and it will be great

Anyway it looks good
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that's some very nice animated fire! i've seen so many crappy fire animations... it's nice to see someone who knows how to do it right. i'm going to have to take a peek at that tutorial! :nod:
grumble's avatar
duh, big gif anims just are way too slow on way too slow computers.

anyways, good work as always. old techniques still roockin!