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Meet Bob.

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Snowflake animation



Can o' Stupid

Juggling smiley

The six-fingered sword

Iso gears

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I'll be adding stuff again. Go me.

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Thank you all for the nice comments and the warm welcome. I'm not really sure how this devwatch thing works, but don't expect something new of big ben quality by tomorrow, those things take a lot of time ;) I *am* working on something big and castle-ish, but don't hold your breath yet. If you're really bored though, you can amuse yourself by looking at some other stuff I made here . mahjqa out. Good night.

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Good morning, everyone. Now, as this is my first journal entry on DEV, I think I'm supposed to tell a little more about myself. Here goes nothing: I'm 18 years old, currently in pre-university school. I've been playing with pixels since I was 10 (windows paintbrush on win 3.11 and the like) and having fun with photoshop since (er) age 14 I think.

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HanakoFairhallHobbyist Digital Artist
..I guess it's silly of me to go and look at really old stuff from TA when I oughta be looking here, but...dammit, I can't help it >.>
DangerousRadicalHobbyist General Artist
Last activity: 2005

Jesus Mahj! About time you LIVE! XP
How've ya been, man??
Well, this thing is an assignment for a new educational thingamajingie I started (Communication & multimedia design). Only three years and 10 months to go :). 'sup with you?
DangerousRadicalHobbyist General Artist
Life decided to throw a marriage my way, took away my ability to breed, art style improved, fandoms changed all, the usual rolled up into an unusual package =3

It's good to see ya still alive and kickin'! Missed seeing ya about the place =D
eric-taylorProfessional Photographer
Hey man :wave:

Miss seeing you around
Dank u voor de favoriet oud-klasgenoot.
Ik ga je even in de gaten houden mocht je nog wat vloeiende animaties hier neerzetten.
DangerousRadicalHobbyist General Artist
Dude, holy shit, you LIVE! How's it going? X3