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Time Pressure: HPMOR 89

By Mahasim
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"...And then a mental image of Hermione running from the troll, running for sunlight, finally reaching the bright terrace with the troll hot on her heels, only to find that someone else had thought of that possibility, too."

I wanted to scream at my screen.
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© 2013 - 2021 Mahasim
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A part of me died when reading this scene :´v
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"One of my classmates gets bitten by a horrible monster, and as I scrabble frantically in my mokeskin pouch for something that could help her, she looks at me sadly and with her last breath says, 'Why weren't you prepared?' And then she dies, and I know as her eyes close that she won't ever forgive me -"

Ah, why the Emergency Healing Pack Plus haven't Universal blood transfusion pack?!
watchmen smiley
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I'm not criyng, I just got something stuck in my eyes...
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This chapter was so sad 
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I was waiting some sweet pron... And that i see this, curse you!
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What? Nobody made the "she just got trolled" joke yet?
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and now i'm sad =/

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AM i the only one who was being reminded of Shingeki no kyojin when reading that chapter?
Mahasim's avatar
I have watched Attack on Titan, so it might have bled in a bit. 
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well i mean not only this comic but also the chapter itself...
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(My immediate reaction upon realizing what I was looking at)

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Dunno what there's a filter on this; it's not that gory. Good job this!
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sunscreen is my guess, whoever did this was willing to use muggle technologies
Korn-Elia's avatar
Beautifully illustrated horrible scene... makes me sad all over again :'(
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coredumperror's avatar
Wow, this is really well done. Extremely evocative of that horrible scene.
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I joined DA just to see this picture. Now I'm regretting it. 
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you needed to join DA to see this comic?
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Took me WAY too long to realize you didn't mean Dumbledore's Army
Danielcraigsurfer's avatar
Well, I was intrigued by it. I was on the HPMOR website, in the Fanart section, and I wanted to see your representation of, well, you know. But when I tried to see it, it stopped me. Because of the violence.
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That explains it. You'd think by now I'd know about this kind of thing.
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