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:heart: serving [link]
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I like...and what is the secret?
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This is so neat.
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great piece, nice gallery too btw. :)
J ADORE..................
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Not sure how you managed to do this but its insanely good. So detailed and colourful. Nice balance of having that hand drawn effect as well as the digital aspect too.
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your have totally awesome art...
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it's so colourful! i love all your work, it makes me SO happy and i get lost in it. keep it up!
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This should be a wallpaper! This is awesome!
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Look at those colors and movements, amazing ! Great work man !
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LOVE IT and think the same...

wallpaper pack, please !!! :)
Gosh, I wish i was able to do that. Every single person that is able to make vector art should be honored by those who can't (like me xD). It's so hard, but yet people make these awsome and gobsmacking arts... I know its a sin, but i ENVY you... =D
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hi :wave: uv been featured here [link]
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beautifull colors, wow...

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