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Tungar Wolfram
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I make art periodically.

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Interaction time with all of the personification specialists here!! I am just curious with all the element personificators here in DeviantArt!!


1st Part

Most Favorite Element among as follows:

1. Alkali Metals: Caesium (Caeson Himinblatt)
2. Alkaline Earth Metals: Beryllium (Beryl Glucinium)
3. Lanthanoids: Lanthanum (Lanthaniel Karolinska)
4. Actinoids: Actinium (Aktinovolos Debierne)
Transition Metals-- (Note, I couldn’t find a clear definition between the two, so I’ll just take 2 of my favorite transition metals)
5. Transition Metal 1: Iridium (Irvine Hastrup)
6. Transition Metal 2: Tungsten (Tungar Wolfram)
7. Post-Transition: Tin (Tynan Stannum)
8. Metalloids: Silicon (Sigfrid Cohen)
9. Non-Metals: Carbon (Cargan Neri)
10. Halogens: Iodine (Alyssa Iodes)
11. Noble Gases: Krypton (Kyrillios Noble)

2nd Part:

A. [1] , how's your relationship with [10] ?

CAESON: Ugh...Alyssa’s so...frisky. Frisky with the other alkali metals. It makes me uncomfortable. What makes her think she has the right to go up to one of us and start feeling us up for extra valence electrons?

ALYSSA: Hey, I’m just doing my job. Halogens will be halogens. ;) Caeson is a fine woman, let us say that. She is civil and submissive, like a good alkali metal should be. Though she could definitely stand to run a comb through her hair….

B. [11] , have you ever saw other elements bonding?


C. [5] & [6], what are the things that you like in common?

IRVINE: Rainbows! :D

TUNGAR: Politically motivated crimes against the Imperatestan government! :D

D. [9], what is your primary role to other elements?

CARGAN: *Bends over* Spank me, mommy/daddy. Aww, you haven’t been doing your organic chemistry homework? That’s too bad. By now, pretty much everyone knows Carbon is everyone’s little slut~


E. To [1 - 11 ; all of you], What makes you happy?

CAESON: My family of alkali metals. They’re the only ones I have left.

BERYL: Ehhh mostly firing rockets at the alkali metals by day and cocktail parties by night ;)

LANTHANIEL: Fulfilling my promises of peace and prosperity to my people and our neighbors. Hopefully the Actinides will one day agree to our peace treaty.

AKTINOVOLOS: Designing nuclear weapons to demolish the Lanthanides with. :) They think we’re on board with that treaty of theirs, but we’re scheming at rates like never before.

IRVINE: Peace and quiet. Harmony. A place where all men can be free and live side by side. Perhaps it only exists in my dreams...but someday, such a world will come to fruition.

TUNGAR: My boyfriend, Cargan. He’s such a dirty little whore~ ;) No seriously, he’s the best. He might be a rich bitch, but he’s got a good head on those shoulders of his, and a good heart beating under his ribs. Too bad I’ve stolen it. ;)

TYNAN: My steroids and weights. Everything else has been taken- no one makes figures out of me anymore, no one uses me to make cans or anything cool. Damn you, Aluin. You’re a terrible person. I have no purpose in life anymore than busting my ass off at the gym 24/7.

SIGFRID: My work. Day in and day out, it’s constant and never-changing. It’s the only thing like that in my life, really. Everything else is so elusive. It comes and it goes, never staying put. I suppose it is not the best of outlooks, mine is. So past-oriented. Yet I have plans. Great plans. In fact, I have a vision. And it will not die with me.

CARGAN: I’d love to say my lovely girlfriend who always supports me in my rich bitch pursuits, but I really must admit, I’m quite enamored by my synthetically grown diamonds. *Holds one up to the light* SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND

ALYSSA: That’s easy. Being a dictator, and stealing valence electrons. ;)

KYRILLIOS: My studies. There’s nothing more satisfying or fulfilling than reading, copying, writing, interpreting, and collecting manuscripts and books and literature from all around the world from all different time periods. It is my life, I must breathe the words of the wise, lest I wish to fall dead. Perhaps I exaggerate, perhaps not.

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