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Speedy Tuts: Hair

By Magweno
90% of tutorials talk wayyyy too much and over complicate things.

Half of this isn't even necessary. I was so tempted to get rid of the text.

Anyway, a lazy (wo)mans way of doing hair.

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actually i like the well explained text more. in this i have no idea what your doing...
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Okay step 1. Make a new file in photoshop with the above settings, 640x480px, 72 dpi
step 2. Draw some random blobs in the file with a standard black, round brush. Just like the picture.
step 3. Go to Edit>Define Brush Preset.  Click okay
step 4. Open your brush settings (Window>Brush) and input the following settings. Spacing: 1%; check the 'shape dynamics' box and check the 'other dynamics' box. Click on the little square in the bottom right to create new brush.
Then draw with it :) You'll find it makes sorta half decent hair. Change the brush size for different size strands, go from darker to lighter colours and when you're happy then use a 3px standard round brush to add some dark and light details.
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this is super useful x'D and super simple! thanks!!
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Great tutorial! I created a brush from this and am now using it in my currently work in progress - [link] :D thank you!!
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Cool, glad it was useful! :)
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Cool, glad you found it useful! :)
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can you do a fur one please??
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I don't do much digital art anymore but this is a really good fur tutorial: [link]
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I was looking for one of your very fast ones, but thank you ^^
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That one's pretty concise!
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wow thank you i've never seen a simple easy way to do hair ever. Thank you :D
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glad I helped (:
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Hahah, your quick ones are really nice.
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WOW what a neat way to do hair! I'm gonna try it!!
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Just a lazy way! I think I read how to do it in another tutorial but all the others I found since then just explain how to do each individual hair. blah nothx
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Yay! You made a readable one! jk lol xD
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/random evil laugh

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