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Brand Play - Fresh Fairytale



Branding yourself as an artist should be easy, because the work you do should be what you love. It naturally stems from YOU as a person, your interests, likes, loves, fears, opinions and so on. Why do you make what you make, what story do you want to tell? If your work is true and strong enough in some ways it should make a brand itself! It comes through years of experiences that influence you as an artist. Like the physical "style" of your work, your brand is the instantly recognisable theme.

And yet I find it SO HARD to settle on a theme :D The font you choose changes the viewers perception of what you do, the colours impart a sense of what to expect, the shapes suggest context - everything is so subtle and has to be carefully calculated. I envy those who exude brand confidence so effortlessly!

I'm still trying to find something I'm truly happy with. The rounded, chunky, colourful fonts I've been using are a little too childish for me - I want to impart more of a sense of quality. I put hours of professional work into my pieces, they are a high end product, so my brand should reflect that. 

I quite like this composition but it maybe leans a little too heavily on nature. I like the resin antlers and golden bell on the ferns, with feathers surrounding - that is context. The idea of a creature stemmed from the woodland, with a golden bell to imply tameness. It tells a story in itself in a way. I have more issues with the lichen and twigs though, they are supposed to represent the place these creatures come from - remote Scotland, the croft my family and I have fallen so madly in love with has almost exclusively silver birch on it with that wonderful minty green lichen. These twigs have fat, pregnant buds on them waiting to burst in Spring - my favourite time of year. They harbour so much promise.

I think there may also be a balance issue in that the bottom half has the leafy, rich greens and the top half is spindly and dry. 

Either way I like the fairy tale aspect of this layout. I'll have to mull it over for a while

What do you think? Am I over thinking it? :)
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I like it.

It is playful and happy.  You also incorporate nature, which is central to your brand.

Coming up with a brand is tough.  I'm working with my kid's school doing the same thing and it is mind boggling.  Good luck.