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Brand Play - Fresh Fairytale

By Magweno
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Branding yourself as an artist should be easy, because the work you do should be what you love. It naturally stems from YOU as a person, your interests, likes, loves, fears, opinions and so on. Why do you make what you make, what story do you want to tell? If your work is true and strong enough in some ways it should make a brand itself! It comes through years of experiences that influence you as an artist. Like the physical "style" of your work, your brand is the instantly recognisable theme.

And yet I find it SO HARD to settle on a theme :D The font you choose changes the viewers perception of what you do, the colours impart a sense of what to expect, the shapes suggest context - everything is so subtle and has to be carefully calculated. I envy those who exude brand confidence so effortlessly!

I'm still trying to find something I'm truly happy with. The rounded, chunky, colourful fonts I've been using are a little too childish for me - I want to impart more of a sense of quality. I put hours of professional work into my pieces, they are a high end product, so my brand should reflect that. 

I quite like this composition but it maybe leans a little too heavily on nature. I like the resin antlers and golden bell on the ferns, with feathers surrounding - that is context. The idea of a creature stemmed from the woodland, with a golden bell to imply tameness. It tells a story in itself in a way. I have more issues with the lichen and twigs though, they are supposed to represent the place these creatures come from - remote Scotland, the croft my family and I have fallen so madly in love with has almost exclusively silver birch on it with that wonderful minty green lichen. These twigs have fat, pregnant buds on them waiting to burst in Spring - my favourite time of year. They harbour so much promise.

I think there may also be a balance issue in that the bottom half has the leafy, rich greens and the top half is spindly and dry. 

Either way I like the fairy tale aspect of this layout. I'll have to mull it over for a while

What do you think? Am I over thinking it? :)
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bvanhorn's avatar
I like it.

It is playful and happy.  You also incorporate nature, which is central to your brand.

Coming up with a brand is tough.  I'm working with my kid's school doing the same thing and it is mind boggling.  Good luck.
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It's really hard isn't it! I still don't have a clue what to do
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I do like the font you used on the skull one, it is the font I associate with your brand.
Magweno's avatar
Skinny and spidery; interesting to hear you think that! It's too mainstream for me, it's not timeless enough so I won't be using it for my main logo, but I will crack it out at Halloween :) I've gone off this font too. Too many fonts! I'm doing a skillshare class on how to pick and design font-based logos though so should decide soon. I NEED to decide soon haha, this is taking far too long ^_^
Nymla's avatar
I like this one tooo! More fresh and summer:y ^^
I like the font but hmm.. maybe no line under your name? I think I might actually like the font on "dead stuff" more. Just pondering :)
I don't mind that its not balanced the same on top and bottom, it works.
Maybe a mix of this and "dead stuff", with antlers and wings etc.. ^^

And yees I know your frustrations :P I always feel like that too, there are too many options and how could I choose just one.. and then stick with that? :/ Argh!
Magweno's avatar
Yeah I think I have to include wings, they're such a big part of my work! I do like the font on 'dead stuff' too but it's so overused I don't want to come across as cliche, I want to find something a bit more personal. Hmmmmm!
Nymla's avatar
Yes you're right I have seen that kind of fonts a lot. This font is also nice :)
Tuonenkalla's avatar
If you had one clear logotype, clear set of fonts and colors you use, it would allow you to have these little variations, if you ask me. If the logo and fonts/colors otherwise stay the same, people would recognize you from those. Then you could have, say, three variations (that halloween-theme, this earthly-theme and e.g. fairy tale-theme) running under it. Since you do a lot of different things I think it could work out, and it shouldn't be that hard to maintain.
Also I like the logo here. I liked the earlier too, but this leans to both fantasy and nature with it's design, and it looks very much like you.
Magweno's avatar
Yeah I think that's why I'm trying to aim for! If you look at brand boards like Saffron Avenue make… you can see how variations on the same logo in a set palette of colours REALLY works but keeps it fresh. On that Meghan Lazier brand she has three different ones, the main font-based logo and two submarks. If I come up with a palette that suits me, then keep the font the same, that could be the font based logo, and the collaged surrounding can change with each season to reflect what's on topic for that time of year. (Winter/snow, autumn/halloween, spring/fairy tale, summer/fun etc). Then have a couple of submarks to use as trendy watermarks/embossing/marketing etc
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I think in this instance, the entire composition looks like an ident for an interesting nature documentary, and you would expect the "Magweno" bit to remain as the logo. I think it's all a bit too confusing. Mostly because of the lichen and twigs at the top making no particular shape, and then at the bottom I'm finding it very hard to differenciate between the items. I realise now it's a bell and 3 feathers next to some horns, but it needs to be obvious straight off. In that sense, it was easier to tell in the Halloween one, if also because there was a set amount of colours; grey blue, orange and an accent of light apple green. 3 colours work well, generally, and I think your logo would benefit from it here too. (: (also I preffered the previous font. I think it should be kept consistent through your designs. To me it reflected your dolls perfectly and wasn't too niche towards Halloween. I think this font is too fairytaleish - therefore the audience isn't as broad and feels also somewhat directed to a younger audience as well)
Magweno's avatar
I hear ya about the colours and clutter, will have a think about that
As for the font, well, I do like that spidery handwritten font but it's SO overused. I immediately associate it with stupid facebook motivator quotes and indie bands, and I don't want to couple myself with that unless its being used in a different context completely, like spooky stuff.
I like the fairytale aspect of the font, a lot, that's why I picked it ha ha! I don't think it makes it childish though or narrows the audience, I AIM for those with a love of magic and fairy tale and fantasy, in some ways I don't want to make a mainstream product :b And if I do I want to retain the childlike wonder people have when they imagine magic. YET I want it to be elegant, and that font reminds me of old Grimms fairytales and beautiful German papercuts. 
But I have about 18 font tabs open at the moment with different styles haha, I'm going to keep playing around with different ones
Tabon's avatar
that's fair does xD admitedly I do see the spidery one around a fair bit. Never seen it on facebook! (though I don't really explore it much). I'm interested to see what you come up with next!
Rhissanna's avatar
I'd say yes, but bigger bells, too. Bells add an extra sensory layer (even if you can't hear them) and are significant on so many different levels. 

I understand absolutely about branding. The bunny-fly I use cam about by accident and just stuck and I was lucky I didn't have to go out and consciously create it. It's hard to make one from a cold start. I love how the fern flares up in a wing shape. Your anatomically engineered wings are such a wonderful creation, I think something wing-like needs to be part of your logo, like these ferns.
Magweno's avatar
Yes, bigger bells. I'll need to go and buy a bigger bell, that's my biggest bell :(

I agree, wings need to be a part of it, I love bird wings so much and birds in general, feathers and wings are very important. Moreso than ferns anyway, although I do love the freshness of ferns.
Magweno's avatar
Yes, bigger bells. I'll need to go and buy a bigger bell, that's my biggest bell :(

I agree, wings need to be a part of it, I love bird wings so much and birds in general, feathers and wings are very important. Moreso than ferns anyway, although I do love the freshness of ferns.
TheBeautyInAllThings's avatar
And I like the concept of the bells! Sadly, they are really hard to see in this image! I thought they were just tiny gold flecks until I carefully read the description and realized they were bells. 

Also, I LOVE your description of this image and its origin. :)
Magweno's avatar
Oh those aren;t bells! Those are little beads, the bell is inbetween the antlers but after sleeping on it I realise it's very hard to see.
TheBeautyInAllThings's avatar
I wonder if there is a way for you to incorporate some fur into this, since a lot of your creations are fuzzy as well as feathery. To me, your art has a more....whimsical, ethereal air while this seems very...earthy? I associate your art with bright colors and fuzzy things! Occasionally the darker, creepy things. I'd like to see bright colored fur and feathers worked into one of these somehow! Maybe some teeth and claws! Does that make sense? XD
Magweno's avatar
Yeah, bright colours and fuzz is definitely a theme! I agree that it needs more fur- back to the drawing board :)
ZombieHun's avatar
well...branding does fall in the graphic design category and it is never an easy art form no matter how involved you are in your own product as an artist. I'm still fleshing out my own
Magweno's avatar
I think its a VERY small percentage of people who have a natural brand like I described hehe, but as an artist selling your work I guess it's so personal you should have a very good idea of the main design elements to begin with. I mean like Griffsnuff for example, that seems to me to be a very natural brand :)
PastYourPorchlight's avatar
Was reading the first paragraph of your description and thinking, "Oh god, that doesn't sound like me at all, I like making too many things WHAT IS A STYLE" and then I read on. I feel better. lol 
Magweno's avatar
lol sorry for scaring you haha, I think very few people manage to do the branding thing effortlessly - or least seemingly effortlessly!
tallydragon's avatar
I LOVED your last image (the skull one), but I admit the fonts of this one fit better with my "mental image" of your work. I love this one too, I think it looks great, although I do see what you mean about balance. But it's very distinctive. I wonder how it would look without the stuff on the bottom, and instead if the feather and curly twigs were below the logo (spaced out a bit) instead of to the sides? I mean just to even the color balance...but I'm biased, I really like your budding twigs and the calm palette of them. :)
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