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By MagusFerox
Everybody knows that one guy who has to bellow songs at the top of his lungs when he's drunk, whether he's on key or not... Micah is Seiph's "that one guy." xD Knowing Micah, whatever he's singing is probably wholly inappropriate, and loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood. 

Also I've been cracking jokes that they're on a date and Micah doesn't know it, since Seiph's the only one who got dressed up xD
Anathoth was actually in the sketch, but he covered up a good chunk of the background and threw off the composition (he tol) and incidentally had a look on his face like he KNEW he was the awkward third wheel on a date. I was actually going for "Micah is hurting his ears" but he just looked so awkward and uncomfortable xD 

Micah and Seiph are my OC bbys, and main characters of my webcomic, WARBAND
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Lmao this is cute. Usually Micah's not oblivious to this stuff -- unless it's a platonic date haha. Hanging out with my freeeeend who barely tolerates me. Tho with that smile I'd say Seiph secretly likes him ;D
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xD Thanks! Yeah I'd say there's something tsundere going on with Seiph usually, and maybe he's lightening up a little bit here. ;D
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I guess you'd naturally get that way after bonding with your 'band mates. ;)
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Huehuehue yasss XD 

Love forming on the battlefield isn't like my favorite trope or anything shhh >u> <u< 
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The possibilities to what Micah is singing are endless. :XD:  I'm hearing something annoying like "I'm Henry the Eighth" but with slightly altered lyrics. xD;
Lovely drawing as always, so many nice details in the background and colouring. :nod:
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Hey thank you! :D Glad you liked it! 
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:3 looks like Seiph is happy to listen to Micah's dulcet tones hehehehe :meow:
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Wahaha he sure is xD <3
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