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  • Playing: Final Fantasy RK, Angel Stone, Pokemon GO
It's been around 13 months since my last 'journal' update. Mostly because no one reads them, I don't expect anyone to read them.. and shit, I don't even reread them after they're done.. so why bother? Anyway. Narrowing down to my inactivity on here for the last 5 months or so has actually had a reason. So I kind of got engaged and was supposed to be getting married May of 2017, and the relationship swept me away from most of my online life, which DeviantArt was a large part of. The relationship during it's time was perfection. It was everything I was looking for in life. I was never happier, and finally remembered what being happy was altogether. But when you get engaged to someone who turns out to not be a permanent legal citizen of your country, and ends up having to return back to their place of origin, and their temp. visa says they're already married.. things get complicated. So.. now I'm not engaged anymore. Long story short right there. I took the loss VERY hard and it dumped me way down into a deep depression, which for someone who is already suffering from major depression, isn't proverbially an easy uphill climb. Now that I've had some time for a few broken heart pieces to be taped back together, and now that I've received closure on many aspects on my almost-potential-marriage's disbanding, I'm trying to slowly come back to activity on DeviantArt again. Who cares? No one. But it's happening anyway. And that 20,000 number on my notifications menu is a bit intimidating.. so much catching up to do.


-How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Collectively, about 4-6 years. My 1st time on dA was sometime around 2003 til 2006 or so, maybe a bit longer.. until I went through some issues with both others on the site.. and personal things with myself. The result was that I discontinued all activity on here for about 7 years. Unfortunately back then, I had my account terminated by the admins rather than waiting long enough for the options of de-activiting accounts & deviation storage to come around. So everything I had and did on here was gone, and I had no motivation to return 'til a few years ago. No one I used to know has any idea I'm back, if any of them even are still here themselves. So far none are that I've tried to find. Not sure anyone would remember me from that long ago, anyhow. Now with my 2nd account, I've been back since July 2013.. and I regret ever leaving to begin with.

-What does your username mean?
Magureatari ( 紛れ当たり ) is Japanese for "fluke" or "lucky shot".

-Describe yourself in three words.
Unlucky, Anti-Social, Shy.

-Are you left or right handed?

-What was your first deviation?
Wouldn't be able to remember what it was on my 1st DeviantArt run, so I'll have to go with the one and only deviation I currently have submitted right now: Divided Heart
It's not exactly the type of digital art I used to do while I was active. This one was a request from a friend a number of years back.

-What is your favourite type of art to create?
Formerly it was digital CG and vector work with adobe illustrator and photoshop - personalized anime/manga-esque type of style of drawing, though it's been quite a while since I last worked on that type of art. More recently I've been trying to do more with photography.

-If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Guess that would be photography.

-What was your first favourite?
This time around it was either Succubus Teaser 1 by MyGeekGoddess, of KassandraLeigh's Morrigan Aensland cosplay, or howlzapper's Samus Aran fanart. Can't remember which of the two it was, but was definitely one of those.

-What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Cosplay photos and photography.

-Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Rather than an 'all-time favorite', I thought I'd make a ( huge ) list of personal favorites separated into 4 categories ( artist/artwork-specific, cosplay and cosplay groups, photography related, and modeling mostly non-specific to cosplay ) which will probably be frequently added to~! I haven't much else to contribute so why not promote a lot of talented individuals I admire? I swear it won't just end up being a list of everyone I have on watch. Too many icons? Nope, not until it's possible to do lists like this without premium, I mean 'core' membership again.

Art ( traditional and/or digital ) - :iconronindude::iconradprofile::iconganassa::iconsyntheticpotato::iconagawar::iconakairiot::iconhaganef::icondoctorzexxck::iconyuriai-da::iconkopianget::iconxdtopsu01::iconmichelvictor::iconhmongt::iconbokuman::iconuger::iconjadenkaiba::icondarkereve::iconppshex::iconowlerart::icondantewontdie::iconasmo-da::iconmoonrusty::iconmmrailgun::iconpolarityplus::iconigfalcon::iconslugbox::iconartgerm::iconangerox::iconnottytiffy::iconkillermoon::iconcellshadfan::iconheavymetalhanzo::iconhews-hack::iconkuvshinov-ilya::iconhotbento::iconpaxiti::iconmesiasart::iconmagion02::iconcyberunique::iconanimeflux::iconinstantip::iconstormfeder:
Cosplay & Cosbands ( mostly/fully cosplay, in modeling and/or craftsmanship talent ) - :iconkikikannon::iconk-a-n-a::iconmonicawos::iconlyumos::icontraumaticcandy::iconshoko-cosplay::iconchiipichan::iconyurikotiger::iconyukigodbless::icononewei::iconstellachuu::icon0kasane0::iconbunnyayumi::iconbbchibi::iconmostflogged::iconits-raining-neon::iconcalssara::iconcloeth::iconshiroiaisu::iconivettepuig::iconusatame::iconfoxy-cosplay::icongeekysica::iconwitchiko::iconrolan666::iconstylechameleon::iconspinelo::iconw2200354::iconleonchirocosplayart::iconkickacosplay::iconitsthekitsunekid::iconkiaraberry::iconkitty-honey::icontinemarieriis::iconsemashke::iconkamuicosplay::iconofficial-amyfantasy::iconblacklashjo::iconharuyukisiscos::iconkatyuskamoonfox::iconkawaielli::icondisharmonica::iconspcatstasha::iconwhitespringpro::iconmiss-gidget::iconizumi-lee::iconashe-kai::iconnadyasonika::iconcrystalgraziano::iconbyndogehk::iconsilverharmony::iconcupcake-rufflebutt::iconmegancoffey::iconalexia-muller::iconarienai-ten::iconartyfakes::iconblankocosplay::iconjubyheadshot::iconteninania:
Photographers & Photog-groups ( cosplay & non-cosplay; sfw & nsfw ) - :iconscriptsensei::iconeefai::iconxeno-photography::iconvaxzone::iconbeethy::iconblizzardterrak::iconhexlord::iconhugodeathy::iconwisely84::iconavrasil::iconnlghtmal2e::iconshiroang::iconpugoffka-sama::iconcosplaydeviants::iconpgmorin::iconazncosplaydeviants::iconmygeekgoddess::iconsuicidegirls::iconenchantedcupcake::iconstefangrosjean::iconduongquocdinh::iconwbd::iconredkaezar::iconinsane-pencil::iconspiralcats::icondashcosplay:
Modeling ( mostly or fully non-cosplay specific; sfw & nsfw ) - :iconstephvanrijn::iconcandycove::iconariane-saint-amour::iconsniickersnee::iconpicturingscarlett::iconmistress-zelda::iconpigeonfoo::iconanastassia-bear::iconblack-ladybug::iconkassandraleigh::iconshaeunderscore:

-If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Probably KikiKannon and RoninDude... please don't find that creepy if you see this Q_Q

-How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
By helping me realize that sometimes the comments I leave on people's work on here does matter to someone after all. It's hard for me to put together comments as a whole, and just knowing they get seen/read means a lot.. but it's nice to know what you say matters sometimes, too.

-What are your preferred tools to create art?
Right now, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects CS6.

-What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
At home, I suppose. Don't think I've ever technically 'created art' anywhere else.

-What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Since my activity on DeviantArt now doesn't consist of much aside from +fav'ing a lot of things I admire, and occasionally commenting on others' work when I can push myself hard enough to get my thoughts out.. I guess the best I can do for this question is apply the times I've known that a comment I post on someone's art made enough of an impact to make them feel motivated or proud about their work. It takes a considerable amount of effort for me to put my thoughts together well enough to feel like I express said thoughts properly, and knowing that I can effect someone's mindset in the intended positive way is a really nice feeling. So the times I've known my feedback made a difference definitely qualifies as a good memory to me.



Just a bit of a background for those that randomly come across my page, or find themselves being +watched or +fav spammed by me here on deviantART. My activity on here is a lot different than it used to be, and I figure I might as well occasionally use these journals for something relevant to what I do.

This would be my second time on deviantART, the first time being around 11 years ago (2004). As a graphic designer who has formerly had artwork posted here back then but left for unfortunate personal reasons after only a couple years, I return to the community to broaden my growing interest in photography, and more-so cosplay and similar artisan craftsmanship. I guess rather than posting my own art this time around, I've decided to focus more on observing & admiring others' work instead. I'm kinda sad about having to start from scratch with a new account, having no contact with people I used to know or having any idea if they're even still around after this long.. but back during my initial time on dA the community was just initially starting to grow. It was early enough in development that accounts could only be closed through a technical but not literal ban by the administrators, plus couldn't be deactivated and reinstated later instead. They also didn't yet allow submissions to be put in storage rather than manually taken down entirely (the feature that proceeded actual storage was added right after I left..), so I felt keeping my account active was pointless and made the permanent mistake of getting it terminated. Nothing but regret for that now. I'm sure a ton of people thought I was banned for bad reasons, infact I'm fairly positive of it, seeing as I didn't give myself time to explain to friends and watchers what I intended on doing..

Anyhow. I really didn't have much interest in facebook which is where my renewed interest in viewing artwork started. I had over 200 cosplayers & artists +liked/followed (its more like 700+ now on here @_@) before I finally decided to find a way of viewing higher quality pictures and photography in a community more intended for it, since facebook picture resolution was still in it's 'shit-quality and no HD downloads' phase. I guess it's better on there now than it was a year or 2 ago, but I've come to appreciate dA a lot more again for viewing artwork. It's just a lot more suited for it. And I don't care much for quite that type of social media anymore, though recently I finally started viewing tumblr, instagram, and other blogs/pages more that allow the posting of work that 'exceeds' dA guidelines.

I've been a fan of anime/manga for over 20 years, an artist for not much shorter, and a gamer for nearly a decade longer than both of those. Initially on facebook but mostly here on deviantART now, my intent is to find and become familiar with more talented artists and models, as well as keep up better with the ones I already know. I'm kinda anti-social, though. Most of my admiration & appreciation of the art and talent I come across is kept quiet. I find myself pretty reluctant to comment on people's work and posts most of the time. I usually see my feedback as insignificant and likely to be overlooked without being responded to. I'm trying to change that, though. I know every comment I make doesn't have to be responded to for them to be worth it. I do tend to +favorite peoples' work -without- always leaving comments, though.. and I know there's people not fond of that here.. but I prefer it to be kept in mind that it isn't because I have nothing to say. It's more because a lot of the time I feel that what I think is unimportant.. suppose that's something to work out with myself in time, though.

To sum it up and restrain myself from making this longer (for anyone that actually reads it..), art defines my life, as I'm sure it does with everyone else in a community such as this.. whether it's making my own or observing that of others. Looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful work on here by the talented artists/models I've become familiar with.. and maybe I'll even get around to posting some of my own again, even though I feel I've pretty much given up on the traditional and digital art I used to do to try and move on to things more photography related instead..



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