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Hey everyone! This is just a general update that after three years, I'm going to be slightly increasing my pricing for my manips. I'm finally starting to feel confident enough in my skills that I'm spending a lot more time with each piece than I ever was prior. I truly appreciate all of the support I've received over the years with growing my art, finding my sense of style and just overall being welcoming. It means more than you can ever know!

Pricing will increase as follows:

Fully Body Manip, Single Subject: $45 usd (from $40)
Bust Manip, Single Subject: $30 usd (from $25) 

All add-on prices listed on my Commissions journal will remain the same. 

While it isn't a requirement, I HIGHLY PREFER that commissioners have a discord or other similar insta-chat where we can communicate about your piece. It's far easier to discuss details, wants and needs using that rather than notes.

Commissions [CLOSED] equine + canineUPDATE! October 17, 2018
Open Slots are always advertised separately so keep an eye out for Statuses! 
Please make sure to read below for my full terms and conditions.
Additional Characters - $20.00 per character
Wings - $10.00
Armor or elaborate accessories - $10.00



Some NEW THINGS I will be offering as commissions now:

Speed-manip headshots - $15

[quick comm] smoldragoon by magtox [quick comm] smoldragoon x2 by magtox Ragged Jackel Final by magtox

Character References - $45

[auction]  the HERBALIST - sold! by magtox  [auction]  the EARTH SEER - *ends tomorrow!* by magtox  THE REDWOOD GUARDIAN by magtox

References will include a basic item inventory if applicable, and I can add name/color palette/other details. They can also be left basic like the one above-right. 

Character Designs - $60

These will include a reference image like the above, however I will be designing the character on your behalf rather than working off a reference. You can give me a list of inspirations or items you'd like included and then I can take it from there, pulling together a character customized and tailored specifically to you. This will take more time, stock searching, etc than a standard manipulation or reference so price will reflect that. Accessories, wings, horns and all manner in between welcome! 

Changes to Policy: 

This one is minor, but an important one. Now that I'm back to working full time and far busier than I was previously, I am increasing my delivery date from 2 weeks to 30 days. The last thing I want to do is rush and present a sub-par product for people, and with my schedule I would feel much better and less stressed about trying to adhere to that small of a window. It's unfortunate, but a necessary byproduct of me balancing life with work, etc. 

Final notes and thank you's:

I truly can't even put into words how grateful I am for having found this art community, and for knowing so many of you who like my art enough to actually give me money for it. I never thought that would ever be a thing, and more than once y'all have financially helped me in a super tight pinch. I appreciate all of you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for commissioning me in the past, present and future! Hug Heart  

1 By Alaiaorax Dbx3nhp By Rare Imaging-dbx7k0b by magtox33 By Alaiaorax Dbx4gry By Rare Imaging-dbx7ju1 by magtox

original artist is

just looking to recoup what i paid. $25 usd. i had an idea for them when i purchased, but it didn't pan out and then i lost the muse. it's such a neat design that i don't want to see it collect dust!

thanks for looking <3

edit: i know the original files have some transparency issues at the corners, especially the second image. i can clean those up for you, no problem.
I've been encountering a disturbing thing lately across several forum RPG sites that I like to frequent and stalk, and as an older roleplayer (I'm 30 now) and site owner over the years, I really think this needs to be addressed.

As a site owner, no matter your age, you are responsible for the members on your site in terms of safeguarding and protecting them from the potential (and many) ills of the internet age. It may not seem like you should be responsible, but if you read that fine print on your hosting agreement, no matter where you host, you'll find that more than likely you are. Naturally we can't control anything and everything that happens, but the most important thing to remember is that you will have minors/underage people writing on your site (unless you explicitly dictate all members must be 18+). These minors, at all costs and measures, must be protected. 

No, you aren't their parent and can't teach them the rights and wrongs and dangers of the internet. But as a site owner/administrator, you should be doing everything in your power to protect them on YOUR site. I don't care if they're two months away from their 18th birthday... they're still underage, and you should still feel responsible for their safety.

My point, and my disturbance, is specifically regarding pedophilia-related acts on-site as well as allowing members whose personal  preferences are steered towards such to post about it, write about it, and talk about it. There's always a gray area when it comes to mature content: fade to black, clearly marking threads, etc. But as a steward of minors on a forum you are controlling, that is not enough. You MUST protect your underage members from these kinds of things, no excuses. 

If something were to happen -- say a parent discovers this kind of content, or a minor isn't properly protected and safeguarded in that situation and they complain to an authority -- you can absolutely be held responsible. I know for a fact that both Mybb and Jcink have terms and conditions that you sign off on when you create the forum that absolves them from any liability. That liability is then passed onto you. Creativity and writing freedom be damned -- you must. protect. the minors. on. your. site.

No excuses. Please. This is important. The world is a super shitty and scary place, especially online, and especially for minors and children spreading their writing wings on your forum. The least you can do is try and make your forum a place of safety. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to finding yourself in a very bad, potentially legal, situation. 

Stay safe, friends! 
hello friends! while i'm in the throes of constructing my own site, i've been looking for a place to let loose my equine rpg muse. after some prompts from friends, i am already feeling so at home with the FimFam!

The atmosphere is unique with the storytelling and character options, the magic system is super fun, and the community is very friendly. It's very low-pressure and just... enjoyable.

I encourage you to check it out! Come join me and my girl Isolde for some classic plotting and storytelling. <3


Capture2 by magtox

Well hello friends!

Time for the big name reveal I guess: my fantasy canine & equine rp site has thus been named Ourania! After the super helpful input I received from the survey(s) I've done recently, I've now really started hammering out content. While there are certain parts of the site that I intend to design myself, several other parts relating to content, setting, and other concepts are still very much open or undecided.

This is where you come in!

If you're at all interested in participating in an Ourania-based discord channel to discuss and talk about site concepts and content, please comment below with your discord name so that I can get you invited to it. 

This will be a closed Discord. By participating in the discussion, you agree not to share or talk about the concepts discussed therein with any other parties outside the Discord. I'm not trying to be lame, I just don't want to spoil surprises for the opening. 

Things up for discussion:

Ecosystem and land types/masses
Flora and Fauna
Fighting/Battling system
Magic system
Layout and Theme 
plus more!

It's entirely possible I might close participation should I get enough interest. We'll just have to see how it goes!

My only requirements are:

1. Don't spoil the secrets please.
2. Prior forum rp experience (doesn't matter what genre) 

Aaaaaand go!

Hey everyone!

I've slowly been picking away at my site idea these past few months, adding a little here and a little there. I'm at a point in the development process where I'd appreciate some more feedback. So, I've made another survey!

Please participate so that I can continue towards making this a site that encompasses everyone's ideas. <3

Once I've worked on the feedback I get with this survey, I plan on putting out an invitation for interested parties to join me in a discord channel to really hammer out the nitty gritty details on several of the site concepts. So keep an eye out for that in the future!

** can't believe i even have to say this, but if you choose to use the "other" option to put your own words on the survey, please keep your comments constructive. 

Thanks for all your help!

I'm back!

Sat Apr 28, 2018, 11:27 AM

Hi everyone <3

I'm sorry for disappearing for the last few months. It's been a total whirlwind with getting a full-time job, having various family members visiting a lot of the time on top of that, etc etc. I just got overwhelmed and had to temporarily shift my focus.

But I'm back now and am slowly going through the literal thousands of dA alerts I have in order to respond to everyone and see all the wonderful art in my feed that I've missed from all of you <3

For the time being, commissions will remain closed. I've got a small handful that I need to complete, but I'm far too busy with work and life to take on more. For those of you noting me asking about slots, I'm very sorry for disappointing you! I just don't want to make promises I can't keep.

Love to all of you <3

Feel free to skip down if you don't want the backstory~* I've been roleplaying for close to 17 years now, having started with wolves (Wolves of Andalusia on Avidgamers, HOLLA) and moved to horses. Since then I have always drifted back and forth between the genres, varying from completely realistic to outlandishly fantasy-themed. I've also made my own sites, and while some of them are still going strong others fizzled. I could never seem to be entirely happy in either one; I'd start roleplaying wolves again, and start to miss horses, and vice versa. Being an adult -- and I know this applies to so many online friends I know in the community -- it's hard to write on more than one site because of time, muse, responsibility, etc. 

I needed the stars to align for this idea I guess. I look at sites like Sordid Secrets, Evermore, Caeleste, Look to the Stars and Novus and I get tingly imagining what I'm imagining. 

*TLDR: I want to blend the genres. I want to build a Fantasy Canine and Equine site for the ages

I want this to be bold, fun, fresh. I want to unite the two big roleplay genres in my life into one singular, fantastic forum rp. I want it to be intimate, hardcore, inspiring.

And I need YOUR help to do it.

The dream is for this site to be a two-species site that offers all the wonderful things each genre has to offer: suspense, inspiration, creativity. Heck, I personally even want cross-species breeding! 

What I need from all you wonderful people is this: I've put together a Google Docs Form Survey with a whole slew of questions about both genres, site concepts, etc. This isn't something I want to make off the cuff, so I fully plan on bringing a lot of input into consideration. 

When the time is right, I'll put out a PSA for folks who want to help out, as well as staff it. I'm going to set it up for success right out of the gate. 

In the meantime, please take my survey! The link is here:

Any time you decide to put into this, I really do appreciate it. This isn't a site I'm going to rush; I want every detail and concept well thought out, tailored, and made unique. 

I'm excited, can you tell? xD

Commission To-Do List

Wed Jan 31, 2018, 11:13 AM

Hey all!

I'm still hammering away at commissions, so don't think I've forgotten you! I absolutely don't want to be that person that accepts your money and then either disappears/stops talking to you for weeks/months/whatever, so this is me reaching out to my current commissioners and letting you know that all your pieces are in various stages of progress, and I'm finishing them as quickly as I can. <3

But, I could use your help! I've been tracking my commissions in a spreadsheet to make sure I'm not forgetting anyone. Please take a glance at the list below, and if you DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME and you have purchased art from me, I would greatly appreciate the heads up so that I can make absolute sure you don't get accidentally left out! It certainly isn't intentional. 

Capture2 by magtox

Please comment below if you need to be added to the list! 


So I had planned to do this over New Years, but I'm clearly running a little late (oh well). I am having a SALE on my full-body manipulations! Now through Wednesday, January 17th, if you order one Full Body manip (equine or canine) you'll get a second one for 1/2 off! 

I'm only offering 5 slots for this deal so be sure to jump on it!

* Please note that the 50% discount will also apply to any additional wing/accessory charges!

  1. Bullet; Red  taken by Cascade--Studios (paid) COMPLETE
  2. Bullet; Red  taken by Mekomiya (paid) COMPLETE
  3. Bullet; Red taken by Devils-Angel-21 (paid)
  4. Bullet; Red taken by TechnicolorNinja (paid)
  5. Bullet; Red taken by noctiilucent (paid) COMPLETE

Some examples of my work: 

[comm] i see fire by magtox   [comm] you'll be human again by magtox   [comm] face the coming night by magtox   [comm] chasing silhouettes by magtox

Hey everyone - 

As many of you may have heard on the news, Southern California/San Diego area is dealing with a quick-growing monster of a fire called the Lilac Fire. It started this morning at around 11AM and has already grown to over 4000 acres, threatening horse country that I know and love and prompting evacuations. The 60+mph winds certainly aren't helping. It has already claimed the lives of 35 known racehorses at San Luis Rey Downs. To top it off, we've got two fires burning south of us just over the border in Tijuana Mexico, and if those decide to kick it up a notch my horse is in danger at the stable he's at near Otay Mesa. So I'm in a position of readiness to evac him, but right now my focus is volunteering at the Del Mar Fairgrounds where they are bringing in all evacuated horses and livestock from the Lilac Fire.

Because of this, commissions are likely to be slower than usual as I offer my time to try and help save as many of the horses as possible and get them to the fairgrounds safely. 

I really appreciate your patience to those who have ordered commissions. It's pretty apocalyptic here, so I could use all of the good vibes and thoughts you can send my way, and to all the others in the direct path of the fire. 


Holiday YHH Package #1!

Sat Nov 18, 2017, 10:35 AM

Hey all! I am in need of some additional holiday funds so that I can help out a family member, so I've put together the first of 2-3 Holiday YHH Packages up for bid! This one includes a full body, a bust, a headshot, and three custom postscript codes made with the images included. Starting bid has been initiated at $75, but I'd love to see more movement on this before I close it! I've also set an AB at $125. There are no restrictions on appearance or accessories~!

Take a look here! And share this journal if you don't mind. <3

Holiday YHH Package #1 [closed] by magtox

So I pay a monthly fee (~$10/month) for the Adobe Creative Suite that grants me access to Photoshop CC, Lightroom, etc. When I first purchased my new laptop last month and started running it, everything was peachy keen. HOWEVER, Adobe released a new update for photoshop cc around the first of October that has made the program run suuuper slowly. I've optimized as much as I can based on tutorials and forums, but once the file I'm working on exceeds around 70 layers or so, the file becomes so difficult to work with. Slow response time, lagging, freezing, the works. 

Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, what was your solution? I'm going stir crazy over here because I'm working on a really big piece, and I've gotten to the point where I cannot do what I need to do because photoshop is just lagging like crazy. It's only with this particular file, too. It's big: ~600mb, 80+ layers.

Any help or input is appreciated!
I reaaaally need these guys to go, because I just had a dog client irritatingly fall through (long story short, she pre-paid for several walks and has now decided she's not going on her trip, so I have to give her money back and I was counting on it for my health insurance payment). Please consider purchasing these two awesome designs!

Thank you so much! <3

$35 - Phasma

Includes all art below. Character completely open, although I played her briefly as Phasma over at Oblivion-rpg. She was a necromancer, and could control gravity. Quite the cool character!

** If purchased for $50, I will include a custom bust manip of this character based on your wants!

FAILSAFE by magtox  Headshot 3 by TayaRavena  Magtox by TayaRavena
EDIT: I'm nearing my goal! Please consider purchasing, as you'll not only be helping me out, but you'll get a pretty character for it. c: Plus all the good karma I can send your way! Heart Heart Heart Heart 


I've got a whole hoard of adopts that are beautiful and lovely but I've never used them before, so since I need the extra cash to make board this month I'll throw them out here! I had to pay an additional amount for board this month because of a lost-check issue, so that plus a vet bill to treat an infected fly bite on his lip leaves me more than broke this month. Please comment below or note me if you're at all interested. Thank you so much!

$20 - Redtail 

Selling for what I paid. No name, no nothing, so a very clean slate!

new years adoptables!  4/6 OPEN by empluvie Redtailwords by empluvieRedtail by empluvie

$35 - Pandora (SOLD TO Arborath) [paid]

#1 on the sheet below. Comes with additional art made by me. Name is changeable. 

<da:thumb id="605589563"/>  LOSE MYSELF IN THE SKY by magtox

$60 - Unnamed Ice (SOLD to DarkriseDivine) [paid]

#5 on the sheet below. Price paid was $50. Comes with additional art made by me. 

USD/point/art ADOPTABLES  CLOSED by empluvie  SHADES OF ICE by magtox

$4 - Unnamed Lavendar

#7 on the sheet below.


$6 - Unnamed Bay

#2 below.

Flat Adopts - $6 Each! by DestrierDesigns

$7 - Unnamed Halloween (SOLD to tynomi) [paid]

#8 below. 


$35 - Phasma

FAILSAFE by magtox  Headshot 3 by TayaRavena  Magtox by TayaRavena

Commissions [CLOSED] equine + canine

Thu Aug 31, 2017, 10:47 PM

UPDATE! October 17, 2018

Open Slots are always advertised separately so keep an eye out for Statuses! 

Please make sure to read below for my full terms and conditions.



   [comm] revisit the warrior by magtox   [comm] serenity by magtox   [comm] can you feel the love tonight by magtox   [comm] starstruck by magtox   THE REDWOOD GUARDIAN by magtox


Additional Characters - $20.00 per character

Wings - $10.00
Armor or elaborate accessories - $10.00



    [comm] bones, blood and teeth erode by magtox   [comm] god's gonna cut you down by magtox  [comm] cue the morning by magtox   [comm] there's a song we know by magtox   BLODREINA by magtox


Additional Character - $10.00

Armor or Elaborate accessories - $5.00 
Wings - $5.00


Speed-manip headshots - $15

    [quick comm] smoldragoon x2 by magtox  [quick comm] smoldragoon by magtox  Ragged Jackel Final by magtox  Tempest 1 Final by magtox Tempest 2 Final by magtox


Armor or Elaborate accessories - $5.00 

Sorry, no wings on these.

Character reference - $45 

  THE REDWOOD GUARDIAN by magtox   Minotaur by magtox   I AM BECOME DEATH by magtox   [auction]  the HERBALIST - sold! by magtox


Wings - $10.00

Armor or elaborate accessories - $10.00

Custom Character designs - $60 

[auction]  the HERBALIST - sold! by magtox   [auction]  the EARTH SEER - *ends tomorrow!* by magtox   the AIRSTORM --- (sold!) by magtox  

These will include a reference image like the above, however I will be designing the character on your behalf rather than working off a reference. You can give me a list of inspirations or items you'd like included and then I can take it from there, pulling together a character customized and tailored specifically to you. This will take more time, stock searching, etc than a standard manipulation or reference so price will reflect that. Accessories, wings, horns and all manner in between welcome! 


  1. Payment will be via Paypal in USD.
  2. Payments must be made in advance when prompted; pieces won't be started until payment has been made and cleared. Upon completion, you will be given the final original with a tasteful watermark.
  3. Purchases will provide you with the following rights: to crop for avatars or postscripts or to use for forum rpg's. If the watermark is cropped away please provide a text link somewhere visible that directs to my dA. 
  4. Please allow up to 30 for delivery;  If there is to be a delay, I'll inform you.
  5. I reserve the right to adjust my terms as needed, although I'll always give heads up.  



Package Type:

# of Characters: 
Image Mood: (Soft, harsh, dark, bright, etc?)
Preferred Background Type: (Forest, beach, mountain, meadow, etc?)
Time of day: (Daytime, nighttime?)

Character Name: 
Reference: (Please provide a visual reference)
Build: (Please cite a breed for stock purposes)
Markings: (Please describe any unique details about the markings)
Accessories: (Does the character have/wear any accessories?)
Pose: (Standing, in motion, etc?)

Other details: (Please provide any other details you think I should know)


Hello! I've been working with a Wacom Bamboo for several years now, and I'm thinking it's time for an upgrade. Obviously I would love a super high-end spendy tablet, but unfortunately I'm on a pretty tight budget. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, reliable, functional tablet that won't break the bank? I'm not picky about brand, I just need it to be reliable and able to be used for photomanipulations, etc. 

Many thanks! :)

Back from the dead (almost)

Sun Jul 30, 2017, 2:19 PM
I totally disappeared, I'm aware. Real life got super daunting... I was so stressed out from my job that it was affecting my health (depression, anxiety, hair loss, etc) and I finally made the decision to quit. While good for my well-being, I was jobless and officially an entrepreneur. I am now walking dogs and driving for Uber and barely making ends meet until I can gain more dog clients, but things are looking up.

In terms of art, I won't be taking any commissions for some time. I don't have the time, nor the resources: my laptop pooped out on me, I lost my photoshop program, and now I'm using a small backup laptop in the interim. I've tip-toed into watercoloring/sketching, and I may open for 1 or 2 small headshot commissions with traditional art (that means an actual art piece that would be mailed to you!) in the future but I'm not quite there yet.

A big thank you to everyone who sent me messages of kindness and worry while I was gone; I appreciate each and every one of you, and I'm sorry for disappearing like I did.

One disclaimer I want to get out: I am no longer associated as a staff member or decision maker over at LTTS. I did have a handful of notes from people asking me to either offer my opinion or intervene in one site situation or another, but as I've been off the site since March, I have no intention of doing so. For any questions regarding LTTS day-to-day, you can reach out to one of the staff members listed on the site itself. <3

Be well, everyone. I hope to be a bigger presence here again soon. 

LTTS - aww yissss

Tue May 2, 2017, 7:03 PM