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Mighty Minotaur (sold)

By magtox
Sold to GuyFawkesAce 

Merry Spoop, everyone! In honor of Halloween this year I'll be releasing some spoopy/mythological/samhain-related characters -- likely 3 in total! 

Flat-sale of $40 usd, or best offer!


- Image as appears above
- Ref-edition: includes color palette, inventory briefing, and other ref-like information
- Transparent PNG

Please don't....

- Resell for more than you paid
- Make major design alterations (without first asking) or remove my watermark


THANK YOU to all stock providers!

Horse body: RQS Friesian #2
Horse head: Marengo VIII
Horns: Horns
Axe: /fantasystock/art/Conjal-Polearm-and-Spear-Set-36100465 (this isn't letting me just link it... urg.)
Leather: Nr 112
Headstone: Grave stone
Background: STOCK: Misty forest light 9

All else hand-painted by me!
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© 2018 - 2021 magtox
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Oh he is so gorgeous ! I cant wait to see the third one !
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this is absolutely gorgeous <3
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Comment here to purchase!
GuyFawkesAce's avatar
Is this dude still available?
( i was browsing through adoptable characters and this post came up in my feed!)
Do you take PP?
magtox's avatar
yes, he is! my paypal email is
GuyFawkesAce's avatar
Aw lovely! Im definately interested!
Is he named already btw?
Price still at $40usd?
Cheers 🐴😊
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No name, you can name him whatever you please! And yep, flat $40. :)
GuyFawkesAce's avatar
Cool beans!!
All sent!!
If you can send what he comes with to, that would be great :D thank youuuuu
magtox's avatar
received! i'll send you the full file when I get home but i'm 99% sure it'll be the same size as the download currently available. Do you want me to add a name to it?
GuyFawkesAce's avatar
Ive decided to call him Oak!
Not sure if my note to you went thought but a friend suggested it to me and i like it :)
Cant wait for the email
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Thats okay thank you!
Hmm i'll have to think of one.. But would be nice if you could add a name.
I'll note you when i finish work later this afternoon and think in the mean time haha cheers!!
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Is it still available?
magtox's avatar
Yes, this is still available!
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