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$15 YCH! 1 Available.

By magtox

These YCH are available for $15/piece as part of my "speed headshot" commission types. I'm open to any designs that don't have major mutations, and am happy to add horns/accessories. No wings, but I can do a single feather for the implication. 

Comment to claim! Payment in USD via paypal only. 

Examples of my finished headshots in comments. 

#2 - OPEN
#3 - TAKEN
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3's all yours! just note me your ref. :)
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Noting you now <3

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Would antlers be included in the price? c:
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Can I grab #1?
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All yours! Note me a ref of the character you want and I'll send you my PayPal ❤️
I'd love to take one but the two I got are heavily mutated ;A; 
So I'll just say, I'll be stalking this for awhile <3
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Can I see a ref? I mainly just don't want to alter the base aside from adding horns, accessories etc.
**Astrapias Sylph by xxNamaste by SoreWounds   Inika by SoreWounds by SoreWounds  
( Inika's red wings don't need to be visible but his ears are wings sadly ;x; ) 
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Probably going to pass on these tbh, only because they're super detailed and would require a lot of extra work. For a regular commission though I'd have said yes!
Thats fine love! Thankies for being honest with me though <3 Most people aren't - so I appreciate it. <3
I'll defo have to come back to you for a regular comm for them when I have the money.
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That sounds perfecto!
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