PMD Andalusst Adventures: First day on the job.

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PMD Andalusst Adventures
First day on the job

In spite of the long day of travel they had the previous day, Torak and Violet were both up and about at the crack of dawn, excited to finally begin working at the exploration guild of Andalusst. But even more than that, they were excited to just get out and explore the Andalusst region and discover all that this new world they had found themselves in had to offer.

That being said, Torak and Violet had some paperwork to do before they could start doing explorers fieldwork. The forms they were given to fill out were application sheets, so they could be registered in the guilds system. Of course, the two riolu chose to keep the team name they had used since their days back in the wigglytuff guild; Team Bluestar.

After turning their completed Explorers Team app in, they were given an impromptu interview by an explorer’s guild assistant, a Servine by the name of Teresa. The Questions she asked weren’t too out of the ordinary and all seemed fairly standard questions to ask pokémon that were just registering as exploration teams. After the interview, Torak and Violet were sworn in as members of Andalusst’s Exploration guild by Luke, and were given their starter accessories as well as an explorer’s starter kit, which contained an item bag, a map of the Andalusst region, an Explorers guild badge, and a few berries and other items to be used at their discretion.

Torak and Violet wanted to get exploring right away, but Luke had one last thing to do first, he gave them a tour of the guild as well as Andalusst, or at least the parts of Andalusst that would matter for explorers. It was early noon by the time they got back to the guild, Andalusst was a big city after all. By this point, the two riolu had gotten quite hungry, though they didn’t mean to, they had skipped breakfast in their excitement to get started as explorers, but first Torak and Violet decided to choose their first mission from the client jobs board.
As they were still new to the region, they figured it would be wise to choose a mission that was easy for the two of them to complete, just to get their feet wet and get them familiar with the region as well as how explorers guild missions worked. Eventually after a few minutes of deliberation they chose a simple item retrieval mission. The details of which were that pokémon had lost a pecha scarf somewhere in the nearby forest. It seemed simple enough, but first thing was first, they needed to get something to eat.

They chose to have lunch before they left for the mission they had chosen, they ate out at a nearby café that was just down the street from the explorer’s guild.
After they finished eating they headed out of the city and made for the forest detailed in the job posting, and as the two riolu expected, the forest was also a mystery dungeon. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be any traps in this dungeon, nor did there seem to be very many hostile pokémon looking to pick a fight, it wasn’t long before they found the lost pecha scarf. After finding their way out of the dungeon the two Riolu journeyed back to Andalusst, their first job as members of Andalusst explorers complete. It was early evening by the time Torak and Violet arrived back at the explorer’s guild, and after returning the lost pecha scarf to its owner, they left to eat supper at a nearby café.

As they ate, the two riolu watched the sun set on their first day as official exploration guild members. All in all, not bad for the first day. Both Torak and Violet knew that not every day would be as easy as today was, they knew they would eventually have to face hardships, as any exploration team does. At the very least though, it seemed as though they had finally broken that streak of bad luck they had been having prior to their arrival in Andalusst.

However, as the two riolu returned to their room at the guild for the night, they couldn’t help but feel lonely, even amongst the other guild members. Neither Torak nor Violet had any friends amongst the explorer’s guild, they had been too busy the past two days to slow down and really get to know someone. As Torak lay down on his cot and drifted off to sleep, he hoped that tomorrow they would meet and befriend another team, and maybe even discover something new about themselves.
PMDU Explorers App: Team Bluestar

This is the second story i've written for :iconpmdunity:.
Here we see how Torak and Violet's first day on the job went, and it worked out pretty well. It seems the streak of bad luck
they had to deal with back in Tao village has finally ended.

-Luke, Explorers Guild Leader
-Teresa, Explorers Guild staff member and assistant.

Crediting Info
-Luke and Teresa belong to :iconchillysundance: and :iconpmdunity:
© 2016 - 2020 magshi
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IsvusHobbyist Writer
I'm excited to see what happens next, and how the story turns out! I'm a fan of Poke'mon, as well(Rayquaza is my favorite, seconded by Garchomp).
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
This is getting interesting.
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magshiHobbyist Digital Artist
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Dat foreshadowing.
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magshiHobbyist Digital Artist
I see you caught that.

Yeah, i figured i'd drop a little foreshadowing for the next story, which is the one that will be based on the rp we did.
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I figured as much, and I'm looking forward to it.
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magshiHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, i'll have the story ready hopefully soon.

Speaking of, how are your stories coming along?
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Well as you're likely aware I've finished my story for M1: A Gigantic Problem. I'm currently planning on doing the tasks that come after that and I'm considering doing some of those Errands for fun even though I don't get anything for doing them now.

Hopefully I'll get around to all that once I've finished the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover game, which will take me some time.
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Ah, alright. I actually haven't gotten around to reading that story
yet, i will tomorrow after i get back from college, it's getting late

Also, you are more then welcome to cameo my team in future stories
if you want, just though i'd let you know.
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Alright, let me know when you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sounds good, I'm sure I'll take you up on that offer at some point.
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Alright, i will.
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