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Close To Me by magsapprentice Close To Me :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 4 4 Let's go, Dream Friends! by magsapprentice Let's go, Dream Friends! :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 22 5 *bangs head on keyboard* by magsapprentice *bangs head on keyboard* :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 9 5 The OT3  by magsapprentice The OT3 :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 12 6 Smile for the camera! by magsapprentice Smile for the camera! :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 7 3 Autumn Contest Entry: Autumn Dance by magsapprentice Autumn Contest Entry: Autumn Dance :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 6 2 Hello, Feh~ by magsapprentice Hello, Feh~ :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 6 0 My Summoner!Sona by magsapprentice My Summoner!Sona :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 9 6 Lyon by magsapprentice Lyon :iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 7 5
FE Echoes: Dust
Celica always got ready for bed on her own.
She had a routine for every night before she would sleep. First she would undress and carefully shimmy into her long, light nightgown. One rope-sleeve, another. Then she would wash her face, all of the dirt and dust she’d picked up over the day washing away, just like the bad things that had happened. Every speck of dust, every particle of dirt was another bad memory to wash away before she slept so nightmares wouldn’t catch up to her in the night. And then she would tuck herself into bed, shuffling under the covers and closing her eyes, and drifting away to the world of dreams.
Her routine was broken today by a familiar face. Ever beaming and full of joy, he came into the room calling out her name. Celica froze at her water basin. Not yet. Come back tomorrow.
She heard her name again, closer to her bedroom door now. The water trickled through her closed, tense fingers and she willed him go away. Come back tomorrow. Go
:iconmagsapprentice:magsapprentice 3 4
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kirby gijinkas by sexybrony kirby gijinkas :iconsexybrony:sexybrony 26 2 I tried to make a Void Soul gijinka by LoreaMStudios I tried to make a Void Soul gijinka :iconloreamstudios:LoreaMStudios 11 5 (AT) : ANYYYYYY DAY NOW KIRBY by BeamMage (AT) : ANYYYYYY DAY NOW KIRBY :iconbeammage:BeamMage 20 2 Knuckle Joe doodle by AriaKey Knuckle Joe doodle :iconariakey:AriaKey 45 15 Isyerkirbybeinalil- by AureliusX-3c33 Isyerkirbybeinalil- :iconaureliusx-3c33:AureliusX-3c33 139 25 Quick sketch by LoreaMStudios Quick sketch :iconloreamstudios:LoreaMStudios 8 4 Hey! by HayItsTJ Hey! :iconhayitstj:HayItsTJ 14 1 gijinka Morpho Knight concept by LoreaMStudios gijinka Morpho Knight concept :iconloreamstudios:LoreaMStudios 12 4 Tried to do a Morpho Knight gijinka by LoreaMStudios Tried to do a Morpho Knight gijinka :iconloreamstudios:LoreaMStudios 7 8 Ribbon human form (kirby) by alexmauricio407 Ribbon human form (kirby) :iconalexmauricio407:alexmauricio407 30 4 Human Kirby AU by HayItsTJ Human Kirby AU :iconhayitstj:HayItsTJ 25 4 Kirby's Old Friends by Im-Keyla-the-master Kirby's Old Friends :iconim-keyla-the-master:Im-Keyla-the-master 38 4 Star Dream Phases Gijinka Ref by HoshiiNoMaki Star Dream Phases Gijinka Ref :iconhoshiinomaki:HoshiiNoMaki 20 0 MI MYSELF AND IIIIIIIIII by BeamMage MI MYSELF AND IIIIIIIIII :iconbeammage:BeamMage 15 2 V O I D by Ataritoka V O I D :iconataritoka:Ataritoka 40 27 PROGENY! AU: Adult Kirby and Ribbon by DokiDokiTsuna PROGENY! AU: Adult Kirby and Ribbon :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 104 20



Close To Me
Sorry for a little gore, I got carried away with this one haha...

OKAY so hear me out, I love Just Shapes & Beats and this boss fight made me emotional about a heccing SQUARE 

Here's my gijinka for this lovely corrupted square: I'll post a normal version of her later. Since she doesn't have an actual name I named her Boxy and she's my daughter now 
Let's go, Dream Friends!

I wanted to make myself a cool desktop background for my computer and it ended up looking pretty good I think??? I tried a new shading thing that I already replaced with a new one lmao 

anyway have fun looking at my art or something Kirby_Icon_Neutral bewilderment - King Dedede -  
*bangs head on keyboard*
I’m back and better than ever, fools

I was browsing thru littlegirlfandom ‘s gallery and I drew her gijinkas...and my memey nature kinda...rubbed off on it

I guess this is like a pseudo-gift for my good old pal :iconlittlegirlfandom: , you’re really cool and so are your gijinkas
The OT3
i drew this a while ago and i never posted it, so uh...oh well! here it is now~ 


gray and clair are cute

that's really...all i have to say? 


Gray, Clair and Tobin belong to Nintendo
Art belongs to me :P 
Original base is here:…
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow...can't it wait another, I dunno...eternity???? ;v;
Wow...I can't believe it went by so fast. One year on deviantart already and it only feels like yesterday that I joined. Well, I guess I should say some things, huh? Makes sense to. 

I'd like to thank everyone who's been so supportive of my art even though it's nowhere near the best...I've been drawing a lot of new stuff lately and I hope you all will enjoy. It's been mainly OC's that I come up with on the fly. I've been stalling on Tales of Lost because of school but as soon as I'm on track and midterms are done I'll totally try to do some more stuff. 

Thanks so much to all of my new friends that I've met and old friends that I've watched. SlayerDomo , the-girl-who-drew , shiiokaraii , Cadenrose , LoreaMStudios , kagenoeiyu , littlegirlfandom , you're the best people EVER! Stay awesome! 

And to everyone else on DeviantArt that happens to see this humble little journal, you guys are awesome too. I've found dA to be a very friendly site for the most part. It's one of my first and only social media so I've had a very good experience sharing my art. 

Well, I suppose that's all, and I must part now, for there's things to do...I'm busy all the time. Thanks everyone! <3 


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
hey everyone, the apprentice is here~

i like drawing, video games and being a nerd. i'm mainly a kirby gjiijnka artist these days! though my college portfolio beckons and i need to draw actual real life things hhhgggghhh ;~;

who needs the shift key? (i do)


that's all folks?

i appreciate every fav, comment, llama and whatever else you're willing to give me. i probably don't have time in my life to do commissions but we'll see. i don't post often but i try to make sure my work is decent when i do. enjoy my stuff, guys, and if you don't mind, stick around a little. i'm on here more than you think :)

talk to me about art trades! i may be a little late but i love to draw things for people so hmu! again, i don't have time in my life for commissioning, but in the meantime let's trade some arttt

enjoy my things, people, and stay awesome :P

amazing people that i would really like to meet irl
:iconlittlegirlfandom: :iconhoshiinomaki: :iconrainythechrome: :iconbeammage: :iconataritoka:

i'm super inactive and i'm sorry, i don't post really but i'll chat with people. i think i'm nice-ish???


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Heyo, it's been a while! How's it going?
magsapprentice Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
hey there! omg it has... i've gotten really busy and just haven't had time for stuff. how's things with you? 
littlegirlfandom Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fine. Finals for school are coming up.
magsapprentice Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ah, same here. Good luck to you on those!
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No problem! :D
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happy birthday!!! :'D I hope you had a nice day
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Thank you!!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!
I'm sorry I couldn't draw you anything, I've been super busy!! Maybe I'll draw you something tomorrow to make up for it. :')
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