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I Found You

IshiHime version of the fabulous spread for chapter 558. I missed uryuu and the others being there, so here you go, since i am still full of IshiHime feelings for this past contest x3
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This is very cute and sweet, I love the coloring!

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thank you very much. the coloring suits Orihime a lot but Uryuu works it too, I would love to make a remate of this, it was a nice spread :D
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OH. MY HEART!!♥♥♥:iconcraiplz::iconsparklzplz:
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Thank you, I want to make a new version of this pic! <3
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Yes that picture was not complete without them)
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I miss a spread with all the guys ;_; (Ichigo and Co.) thanks for the comment!
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Aren they cute? *_*
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I'm so glad you did this! I love how Kubo fanboys over Lady Gaga! lol


More so I love what an amazingly talented Ishihime fan you are! Even though there is a bug coffin in the picture, this artwork feels so alive! Great job!

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maybe because the coffins are so classy that looks more something like an space thing (criogenic chamber?) than a coffin. well at least, they are representing very fashionable and modern vampires =P I keep the good work, gotta get better and better and better <3
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Ahh..yes! Sooo classy and refined!

I see such amazing potential in you--always have. I'm proud to see you blossom and keep growing to such magnificent heights(still watching you)! You are constantly challenging gravity. I know one day you will soar beyond so much more than you can imagine!
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Thank you Lumi, I would like to soar those skies someday, although I am facing difficulties now, making art is truly difficult and challenging, and sometimes looks like my efforst are not enough. So I keep observing and experimenting, I am enjoying this but smetimes it's sad. 

One thing is clear, I won't stop until I get to create the things I have in my head, due to my current hability I am unable to draw some of things Ive imagined and that's sad :_D But I hope this year would go better ^^
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It is my pleasure dear friend! <3 I have faith you will overcome!
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*big coffin ...ahem
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Im still curious 'bout the colour of the Coffin on Colour Spread 558 . . . . :iconshe-plz:

Does "The white coffin with pink cross" its about Ishihime :iconshe-plz:
Remember the white colour and the Cross is Symbol of Quincy , and the Pink colour is colour 'bout Orihime . Does its mean that Kubo-sensei will be make IshiHime moment  :iconteheplz:

Im also wish its really true will be the meaning Kubo will make Ishihime scene 
mags-duranb's avatar
I love the detail of that: pink crosses, so IshiHime

but in truth, this is more of an homage to Lady Gaga's video "bad romance" (Kubo is a big fan of Lady Gaga), in that video, these coffins appear, they are white and have these crosses the only difference i saw it's that they have the word monster written on them:… (you can see it on second 22 )

however, it fits IshiHime so greattly :3
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OMG!! Que escena más adorable!
mags-duranb's avatar
¡graciaaaas! Es que son tan monos estos dos *_* Orihime contribuye mucho a la causa de la adorabilidad xP
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He'd only wear pink with his white for her. :heart:
mags-duranb's avatar
THIS! <3 they just work so well together ;D
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