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What is wrong with sunflowers?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 19, 2009, 10:05 AM

When I showed my latest photo collage to my partner, he asked me, ‘What’s wrong with sunflowers?’

I replied, ‘Van Gogh did them.’

However, that’s only a snappy answer, when what I should have said is, ‘I don’t feel sunflowers’.

In real, everyday life I am a fairly cheerful person, however, that is partly because I live out my ‘darker’ emotions in my art. For me art has always been the medium I use to communicate with myself and resolve any issues I have – from feeling alone and misunderstood to just feeling plain sad, from understanding how I feel about something happening in my life to dealing with the residues of my decisions, it’s all in my art.

So, no sunflowers for me… :-)

  • Listening to: Killers, Coldplay
  • Reading: Talisman, Stephen King & Peter Straub
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