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Tapestry Dragon - Experiment

This is an experiment based on my digital painting Dragon's Eye - Experiment - Original: [link]


The Tapestry Dragon

She had followed the instruction in the book to the letter, followed one landmark after the other until it lead her here to this dirty window in a part of town she had never been before. She wouldn't have believed that there was any part of the town that she did not know, hadn't been before, but the book had lead her here. She decided to follow the rest of the instructions. Standing in front of the window, she rubbed the glass, the looked through. Right behind the window was a tapestry wall, framed by tatty velvet red curtains. She spoke the spell under her breath. A huge eye opened in the tapestry wall. The oracle had awoken...

Woods Dragon[link]
Stone Dragon[link]

Dirty Glass - Enframed [link]

Concrete Bunker - Goodtextures [link]

Paper Texture - Night-Fate-Stock [link]

Texture 28 - Night-Fate-Stock [link]

Backblech 01 - Sundel [link]

Curtain 03 - LunaNYXstock [link]

Art Nouveau Pattern Texture - Enchantedgal-Stock [link]

All other textures and photos are my own stock.

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very nice piece of work(s).
I personally find that drawing eyes is pretty difficult. Although it has been quite a while since I last drew one.
Thanks again for your using my textures and for the favs.
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Thank you. :-) I love drawing eyes.