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By Magpieb0nes
ore shots from the weekend- this time of me! Tho it was late late on sunday so most of my makeup had worn off by this time

I made the polearm, leather outter, scarf and pants (as well as the mask of course).
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I love the over all look and feeling of this work.
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Whoa, that mask is awesome!  Nice touch with the earrings in the ears, too.  I never see masks made from deer faces - mostly it's foxes, coyotes, and wolves!
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I love this mask so much! And both pictures are awesome.
The second picture is so inspiring. ;u;
Could i maybe use it for a drawing? I would credit you, of course.
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Sure, lemme know how it turns out : )
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Thank you so much! ;33
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Your masks are beautiful, I really feel like playing something like that, too :)  But I ask myself: Your Larp weapons look different to those we use in Germany. They're often more colorful, with a blank handle and most of them have no pommel. Is there a reason for this?
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Ah! also, the handles are left simple because we dont feel like they need anything- and again its a weight thing, keeping them light. My husband and I just wrap them with black hockey tape- they are covered, they just arent fancy : )
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My weapon here is a pole-arm, it has a pommel, it just is way way out of shot lol : ) Most swords I see in american games do have pommels tho, they just dont need to be real big because the weapons, when they are made of the simple tape and foam, are very light, and dont need much to make them balance.

Ive had to do a bunch of research myself figuring out why things are they way they are- but the heart of the matter seems to be that European larps care more about aesthetic than American ones, wich instead prefer light light/performance.  Its sortof weird- see, larp is older here, but not nearly as popular or as beautiful by and large as things out of Europe. As best as I can tell, this comes from Europe's games being younger and larp being more widely accepted, but also more interested in Aesthetic and visuals, whereas american games are often more competitive/sporty- we also play more frequently on average. Also we do more things that are reliant on imagination rather than physical representation- in the case of bright Red weapons, those are representing claws or non-weapons of creatures/monsters, which is why they are that color and are not realistic. We dont worry as much about making stuff look real, and much is left to the imagination.

But we are seeing more and more realistic weapons as the hobby is beginning to grow and latex/plastidip weapon techniques are becoming more readily available and known. Some of it has to do with investment, some of it has to do with play-style but cheap, tape and foam weapons are still very popular right now simply because they are cheap and easy to make and only a small investment- important for new players and young ones who arent ready to make the dive (again, comes from the hobby not being as popular here yet).

Its a culture thing, basically. We really like what we see coming from Germany, we just arent in a position to do the same things yet.
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No problem, I thought somewhat, that your polearm has a pommel. It was just a question in general. I wondered, if it has to do with security issues. More realistic weapons also tend to be mistaken for real. That's not so funny having laser pointers all over your face and a voice screaming: "Drop the weapons!" It happened here once a bunch of years ago, while an old couple called the state police. Now Larp is pretty well known.

Maybe the demand for realistic and aesthetic weapons also comes from medieval reenactment. That's waaaay more older here in Germany, but has nearly nothing to do with fantasy or the like. And some folks there are really finicky about authentic stuff. 'Tis funny, that you use such colorful batons, but you're face masks for anthro kind are way better than the sometimes ugly stuff people use in Germany. It is hardly accepted to play a "human animal" here anyway.

I crafted Larp weapons myself and tried a way of making fiery missiles look more realistic and lighted. And that's already a pain in the arse :P I can imagine how much work you put in such a mask. If there wasn't that nasty pit of water between our countries, an exchange of style and stuff would be a great thing :D
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omg! that sounds terrifying, but naw, no safety or mistake issues really. The authorities pretty much know what larp is these days and dont so much care. Sometimes just looked at like dorks, but thatsok.

You may be on to something about the re-enactment bit being part of the high demand for realistic weapons. If a lot of people from that part of the spectrum are what founded the larping community, that would definitely do it. It would make sense since a lot of the games arent high-fantasy too... now thats an interesting lead eh?

The big icky puddle shal be  bypassed by the interwebbernets- Here we see all the stuff on and even on Deviantart. Everyone out here stateside LOVES what we see in Germany, especially the orc groups and theres a pretty big percentage of us that is trying to encourage more of that here. its just slow going because we have a lot of really old and dusty habbits still hanging around from the generation that started the hobby here- lot of 'Well this is how we've always done it" to deal with.  I actually received a big order from Ungebilde and am painting them/putting hair on as we speak for a chapter of Alliance (a multi-chapter game here) in San Francisco. So the effort is there, its just a matter of time : 3
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I'm formerly a re-enactor, but a moderate one, so I made the step to Larp...and never regret. Even my demand is pretty high though, for realistic looking weapons with lead cores in the handle to give a more authentic weight and balance point. Compared to detailed face masks up to whole suits they are cheap, too, and easy to get.

Yeah, orc groups, you tell me :D This weekend they will smash our faces again :P Yes, the quality of orc masks and outfits significantly arose since LotR times for few money. But even here some orgas are trying this whole high fantasy line with demons in mass groups. Pretty stupid. Folks around here are happy now, if good playing orcs are beating them up instead of demons butchered like sheep. I dunno why so many people are trying this high fantasy stuff so badly...and wrong. It's not just demons and gods fighting, but that's some kinda trend. Anyway, I would rather bash around with a red baton on a stick then seeing those..."cat folk" again with painted faces like tribals, cosplay cat ears on an alice band and a dead animal at their back. That's why high fantasy folk like them is disliked and prejudiced here. No actual efford. If that's not enough, a "good" placed purr puts it over the edge. And the few who do everything to look cool, are disliked, too. Trying to get a good individual mask besides the mass product stuff is hard and expensive at its best. That's why I'm motivated to do such a role in the future. Doesn't help to shed tears about prejudices if you may eliminate them :3

It's funny how split up it developed and I'm looking forward for more exchange especially through teeny tiny internet. That would make soo many people much happier.
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Ohman this is the sort of mask idea I want to do only instead of the forehead bit I want to have it be on the jaw so that there's a moveable furry jaw piece
What sort of thing did you use for the base material, if I may ask? Did you use a cast of some sort (like resin or other type of plastic) or what it leather or what? I'm really curious!
Especially since this is really gorgeous~
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Beautiful! Outstanding! Marvelous! I so wish I could do something like this how long did it take you to do it
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That photo on the left looks like some kind of painting, I love how natural it looks! Seems like the event was a lot of fun!
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Yeah the girl who took them was really really good, im so happy she found time to bring the camera out. Reeeally really good weekend too, easily the best one the game has put on thus far : )
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Do you participate in costume as well?
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Yeah, these photos show me in mine right before the last big fight of the weekend :  3
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