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Tutorial: Fake Fire

By Magpieb0nes
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your flashlight MUST be LED based. therwise it will melt or set-on-fire your fabric.

Because I felt like it.
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Thank you for sharing this! I used your technique to create fire for my headdress

Fire Headdress
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What an awesome fire, sure will be making this soon.Thank you for sharing.   ;0)
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Do you think it's possible to make this around a tea-light on a ring so it's wearable?
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Probably? Havent tried : )
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Nice idea. Must be looking awesome from distance at night and totally safe.
I'll try this next season (with addition of electronic "blinker" for dinamic changing brightness of the LEDs).
Thank you for sharing!
I think it will also double as nice "flaming canonnballs" for my CO2 launcher.
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Can you use this method for a blue flame?
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sure! you could do any colors you want just remember to use your lightest color tulle/fabric in the innermost layer
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Okay, so how much for the fireball spell?  Looks cool, so long as I can throw it (or at least hold it) in LARP.
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Will totally do this! Hope LED from IKEA will work just as fine as I then can change the batteries and carry it more neatly :D Thanks alot! :D 
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great idea, great look!  and thanks for sharing!
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Great for Halloween too!
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this is so cool! wanna try it some time :D
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Cool. I love this fire, so thanks for sharing a tutorial. :D
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