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Soft Mask Durability Demo!

For those that missed it, here is a link demonstrating the kind of abuse the new soft style can take. The hard shell could never handle this but since this is made with spandex and urethane rubber, theres nothing that can shatter.…

In many ways they are built like my old masks and in fact most of the molds I used for my hard masks are usable with the new material as well so almost everything I have done, I can re-iterate soft.

So what this means is they will travel easier, theres no more hinges to worry about, and they will feel nicer on the face. The teeth are even rubber- there is some loss in realism of the teeth due to the needs
of a soft material v/paint but not in a meaningful way.

The only thing I cant assure is that they will fit beards- beards throw off the fit. Thats something that I dont have a solution for- so just be aware of that!

I would also say folks with recessive jaws may have issues getting the mouth to function (normal for most fursuit heads of any style) but there is a strap inside to adjust the tightness of the jaw piece so ymmv.

Now naturally Ill still give folks the same warnings- dont leave in a hot car/similar environment, dont yank the ears, dont pull needlessly on anything, store on a loose form or something- usual fursuit head stuff.
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