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NEW tail type! (Movement Demos!!)

I can now do very lively fluffy fox/wolf/that kind of thing style tails! Fluffy, bouncy, swishy and ENTIRELY foam construction that self-supports. There is no wire to be broken, bent or kinked. You can squish this, sit on this, abuse this, and it comes right back.

I wont be discontinuing stuffed tails, but foam core is my next generation of tail offerings that will be available when I open again.



Now available in a smaller size too!…
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I really adore the movement that was present in that little video snip, I'd really love to have a tail type like that at some point in the future! Though because this is a new tail type that you're now offering, I have to ask what the running price for a foam core tail would be?

Really got to see what I'm looking at price wise for such a lush, fluffy tail and how serious I need to be for a tail pattern if I'm going to be aiming for such a cosplay piece..

Thank you for your time!