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Mike's Muntjac Mask

Okay, so this was done for my boyfreind for LARP and it presented a lot of interested design requirements.
1- nothing could be rigid due to safety constraits of the LARP
2- Had to be lightweight, non constricting and require as little makeup as possible
3- had to have all periferal vision
4- Somehow come accross as being the species that its inteded to look like, while haveing almost no muzzel and being made for a fairly big guy (Mike is very very tall and build like a bit of a bruiser.)
5- have optimum ability for wearer to breath and emote as much as possible.

So what I ended up doing, is after taking a cast of mike's face and makeing a mockup in plaster, I sculpted the base of the mask onto it, and then cast a skin in latex, wich was then filled with a 2 part soft expanding foam and given an interior contour OF mikes face by putting the cleaned plaster mockup back in side while the foam expanded. The mask was then pulled from the mold and trimmed.

Fit was checked. From there, elastic straps were added and the ears were started. The ears are built in very very similar fashion to the coyote ones I did, the wearers ears will sit inside the mask's ears makeing them sturdy, non floppy and keeping ears a little bit insulated while at the same time not inhibiting hearing.

Then the antlers were constructed from upholstery foam and given multiple coats of latexs, this insures they cant possibly hurt anything but will still retain their shape. I also made them a little bit proportionatly bigger so that the average person could more easily recognise the animal as some sort of deer...

After being painted, they were attatched to the mask and everything was furred.

Paint was then airbrushed on thismorning, I may darken a few areas more.

Mike will be wearing this with just a little bit of eye-blacking makeup and a little black lipstick on his lower lip. He will also be wearing some Scarecrow brand fangs...cause Munjac males have fangs (kay technically "tusks" but Im calling them fangs.) Breathing is possible, of course through the mouth since its not at all obstructed, but also through the nostrils, as much of the foam inside was carved away.. wich will look neat on cold mornings with steam coming through the nostrils.

Now, you may be asking... why the HELL a muntjac character?... well, he came to me last week and asked me if I know of any animals with both fangs AND horns... this was the only thing that came to mind.

... I personally love the nose... lol.

So yes. Muntjac.

Pics of the actual animal:
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that animal looks so magical and unreal
Forest-Soul's avatar
This is beautifully done!
Cylum's avatar
You wouldn't happen to have the process of making this do you?
absinthe-fight's avatar
this is incredible!

i know its after the fact, but in the future: i've found that press-on fake acryllic fingernails work MUCH better than the scarecrow ones. they arent bulky so you hardly notice them any they won't hinder speech. and with a coat of paint and filing you can really customize shape, size, even use them on teeth other than incisors! oh and they definitely cost a ton less! anyways, beautiful work, absolutely stunning!
ggg3187's avatar
no matter how many times i search this site i always find myself coming back to this piece.
Anarchpeace's avatar
this is just incredible!!!
AM-Bang-a-Rang's avatar
Most excellent! Fantastic creature creation!
SageKorppi's avatar
Great job! One of my favorite animals!

Would love to see photos when it's worn :)
Ahkahna's avatar
Ditto *snicker*
gatcat's avatar
Don't let him get away with whining. Let's see an action photo, please!
Magpieb0nes's avatar
Hahah, yes, I will do my best to get something up in the coming week : )
Shivanaus's avatar
would you think about doing commish of these? my fur self is a Lynx and we have fairly short muzzles, this look would work well for it I think. especially those that don't want a full head for their partial
Magpieb0nes's avatar
It could be done.
rpieratt's avatar
That turned out really nice, great job on the sculpting and coloring.
Fragrach's avatar
Great work!

Although I have to admit, that it might look a little better with more makeup, than just eye-blacking and a little lipstick...
JAWolf's avatar
The critter is adorable. An extemely effective mask of a down right unique and gorgeous critter. Would love to see it on your bf (seeing though it is made for him)... or atleast modelled on someone as a face behind it would complete it.

Astounding job there.
Zaalu's avatar
that's just awesome, good job o_o
Roy-Fan-33's avatar
Oh man, amazing job! I want to see it on the guy!
extorpid's avatar
Thats really awesome sauce!
WerewolfStripclub's avatar
Beautiful mask!
It's very well done ^^

Are you going to maybe have pictures up of him wearing it? It would be interesting to see how it actually looks on somebody.
Magpieb0nes's avatar
Hopefully, he's being a little whiney about playing model, but hopefully.
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